Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How Could You, Matt Lauer?

DOUBLE SNOW DAY!!! What made it even more amazing was that I was supposed to have a track meet today. Thank you, icy roads, for saving me from torture!

Okay, so the other night I had the most bizarre, most vivid dream. I still can't even believe I had it. No, it's not what you're thinking, you pervs. I was watching some T.V. show, which turned out to be a makeover show. This is my dream, if you haven't caught up. Anyways, the goal of the show was to embarrass the contestant as much as possible. Making it even more exciting, the contestant thought they were on a honest-to-goodness makeover show where stylists give them good advice. WRONG!!!

Oddly enough, Matt Lauer was the host of the show. Said something like "I'm tired of my day job" or something equally lame.

So, this contestant goes into a store to meet her new fashion stylists, and they immediately try to show her this hideous, hideous jacket. I'm talking puke green with red dragons and shoulder pads. They're trying to convince her it's beautiful, and she, like anyone with eyes, is extremely hesitant to try it on. But the overly made-up stylists have their way and she puts it on...and likes it!!!! Next, they convince her to dye her beautiful, jet black hair blonde---platinum blonde, pretty much white like Gwen Stefani. Did I mention that they give her cave-woman-long extensions as well?

So she's walking around with this new 'do and attitude all high and mighty in the world, until she has a big party for her friends to see the results of the makeover. I really wish I had seen this part, but unfortunately I woke up.

And when I did, I just thought, "How could you, Matt Lauer?"

I tried to find a picture of a jacket as heinous as the one described, you know, for a visual reference, but, thank God, one doesn't exist.

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