Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow day!!!

I swear, whenever Maryland gets any snow (at least where I live), everyone freaks out. I'm grateful for this because it means I don't have to go to school.

Seriously, if I lived in Canada or something, I would have to go to school instead of making snow angels and snowmen (women, actually).

Oh, I have some good news!!! Well, exciting and random, I guess. If you do a Google search on "dasaloff" my blog comes up! Why anybody would do this besides me, I have no clue. Still, only a couple more years and it could end up in the dictionary! Listen to me, being all optimistic with my exclamation points. Sheesh.


Mary said...

I love dasaloff!

Yesterday, someone left a comment on my blog about the verification word being “dillise”. Since then, I’ve described everything lovely as dillise. :)

Carrie Harris said...

Hey, if people search for Batman eyebrows to get to my blog, anything is possible.