Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I decided I should make a horror movie.

Setting: Grocery store. Young Janie walks in, completely gross-looking in sweatpants, not wearing any makeup. She's in the frozen foods section, deciding which ice cream to buy: Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate, or Big Bubba's Belly Buster. Suddenly *shriek* someone she knows appears at her side, holding the makings of a healthy salad in her cart!

Horrible, right? This happens to me more than seems probable! Sheesh. The days I don't bother looking nice to go somewhere random on this tiny island I see about seventeen people I'm in acquaintance with, and the days I look awesome nobody's around to bask in my glory!

Supermarkets suck.


Soñador said...

Nice idea, but I think the character needs a different name. Janie just makes me think of Their Eyes Were Watching God.

And the seeing-people-I-know-when-I-don't-look-super-fabulous happen all the time.I'm glad I didn't decide to go to the supermarket today because that would undoubtably have happened to me.

Mariah Irvin said...

Or "Janie's got a gun". Ha ha.