Thursday, February 5, 2009

'90s, you were silly

YIPEE!!!! Wow, I'm suprised I just said yipee. It's actually pretty embarrassing. Let's just pretend I never said it. Ta da! I control your mind! Anyways, I'm excited because I finally found the song I was looking for. It's completely mellow sounding, but it goes perfectly with a scene I'm writing for my book. So, when I found the song I also found this music video, which, let's be honest, is ridiculous. The hair, the makeup, the artistic meaning of the video...I couldn't stop laughing. It took me back to the days I wore my jacket tied around my waist. How was that ever cool? Then I wondered, how hard is it to actually make a music video? Seriously, all it takes are some random, cliche moments (for example, sitting on furniture on the beach, talking on the cell phone with an ex, dramatic close-ups, etc.)and BAM! you've got a music video. I'm going to stop writing now. I'm upset I keep using all this onomatopoeia ineffectively. I must regroup. Enjoy laughing at this video.

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