Monday, February 9, 2009

Super Dork Wins Pulitzer Prize

I feel like a complete dork and I'm loving it. I just found an app for my iPod touch that let me download all of Shakespeare's works- plays, sonnets, poems - for FREE! And an app that makes light saber noises. I love being Super Dork. That's probably my superhero, crime fighting name. I just spelled crime fighting as one word by accident and my computer suggested I write "Pulitzer Prize Winning". I guess that officially makes Super Dork my Pulitzer Prize winning name.

What else is going on with me? Hmm...I just ate Samoa ice cream. That was pretty exciting. Wow, my lack of good posting material makes me feel incredibly lame. I would talk about the weird dream I had last night but it involves the Jonas brothers so it's pretty embarrassing.

Okay, I really have to do homework now. Stop trying to distract me!


Soñador said...

Really, why would you not want to share that lovely dream.

Was Kevin dressed fiercely in your dream though? Did he have on his boots?

Mariah Irvin said...

I don't remember him specifically but I'm sure he had fierce boots and a fierce scarf. Honestly, my attention was drawn to Joe's straightened hair.