Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Things I Need in My Life, Part 2

Sickness, track meets, and huge history books have kept me from posting for a while. Well, no more!

Over this extended period of time away from my computer, I have begun thinking about things that are extremely vital. For example, a theme song. I desperately need one. Who doesn't want a bouncy melody following them around? Or, if the music suddenly became dark and foreboding, I would know something bad was about to happen. Mostly, I want sound effects for when I say cute and funny things. Fanfare, if you will.

Speaking of music, there's a song I really need! It goes perfectly with a scene in the book I'm writing, and it's impossible to find! I've discovered the song title, thanks to the movie Can't Hardly Wait (which is hilarious) but I can't find it on iTunes. Sad!

If this song ever makes its way into my music library, a triumphant cheer will shake the world.

1 comment:

Carrie Harris said...

That movie IS hilarious. Good luck finding that song.