Monday, March 2, 2009

Glances and Trains (Of Thought, That Is)

Happy March!!!

I don't know why that's particularly exciting, I just thought I'd mention the obvious.

What to say...what to say...besides that my computer is being a you-know-what. Eww, that sounds like Harry Potter when they say you-know-who. Stupid. You see, in my story, when people don't want to say other people's names, they give the person they're talking to a meaningful glance, and that person happens to know what that other person is glancing about. Way cooler. And confusinger.

Ha, I'm reminded of my journalism class when we had to take a poll, and mine was about best methods of communication. "Winking" was one of the options (an inside joke for a friend). Sadly, it only received two votes. I should've put glancing as an option.

Wow...I just had to look back at my writing and figure out how I got on the subject of winking. Like when you have a train of thought starting with pasta and ending with a lamp. Totally unrelated things. Unless you threw pasta at the wall to see if it was done and it hit a lamp instead (which could happen to me since I have terrible aim).

Once again, I apologize for all this randomness. Actually, I haven't apologized yet, so I apologize for the first time instead.

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