Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Paradox" Poems

So, a few days ago, BFF Gonzizzle (a.k.a. Sonador) got me thinking about our disastrous Creative Writing class last year. Our teacher was a loon and, as such, she provided us with ridiculous assignments. For example, we wrote poems based on paradoxes, but she never really explained to the class what a paradox was, so we pretty much got away with whatever we wanted. Here's an example of a "paradox" poem that Sonador and I wrote (well, mostly me):

Paradoxes are as useful as pickles.
Innuendos are more important
to learn, because,
you need to know what it means
when someone offers you their

Yes, that was dirty. Our teacher never actually picked up on that, or that we never actually used a legitimate paradox.

Here's an example from our visual comparison poems:

Bubble letters are obese words.
Their curves bulge out
in every direction.
Pudgy and pale letters
lack symmetry, and
remind us of fat, dead men.

See, we really did get away with anything. That poem was written to be read as a PSA. Why anyone would need more information on bubble letters is beyond me.


calicolyst said...

Well, it is creative and it is writing, so if you put both of those facts together, it translates to getting an A. I think Creative Writing teachers are secretly just happy to have students who aren't on drugs.

Carrie Harris said...

I love the pickle poem. Actually, my favorite part about going to Renaissance Faires is to hang around the pickle vendors and watch them shout innuendoes to people passing by. :)