Saturday, April 18, 2009

I'm Not a Bike!

I got an e-mail today that started "Dear Huffy". Huffy? How is that even close to being my name? Seriously? I'm not a bike!

Other random things:

Went yard sale-ing today (yes, it's a verb now) but didn't find anything. Reminded of the time I found an anthology of Jane Austen's complete works for fifty cents.

Literally kissed pavement today. Decided to try to get a tan (because everybody else got a head start and I look pale in comparison). Only sunny place in my yard on sidewalk. When I flipped onto my stomach I got a face full of pavement. If my towel was longer, or I was shorter, this could've been avoided.

Cheesecake factory is awesome. I almost died from eating an insanely chocolate cheesecake.

Yay for disjointed trains of thought!

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