Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Random, Elaborate Pranks and French Songs

I've never really been into April Fool's day. It's kind of like Valentine's Day. Why should there only be one day to play pranks on people? I guess it's because saying "April Fools" can get you out of just about anything.

The only prank I've ever wanted to play (but never actually done) is kind of elaborate. And the prank would be on someone I wouldn't even know. I think it would be funny to follow someone, like while you're at the mall (but not in a stalker way) until you hear their name. Then you pounce.

You run up and say "Oh my gosh, Linda? Is that you? It's been soooooooo long since I've seen you! How long has it been?" and so on, not giving them any chance to speak. Either one, they feel guilty for not remembering you or two, they'll call mall security. Hopefully the first one, and they'll play along with you. Then, one of your friends finds you and says "C'mon, we're gonna be late for the movies!" and you remind Linda to call you sometime as you leave. After you turn the corner, and they've been pondering your existence, you come back and yell "APRIL FOOLS!"

Yeah. It's kind of stupid. Elevator jokes are funnier.

Oh, Soñador posted French music today, so I'm going to as well. It's fun to listen to this while working out. Unless they're saying something profane and I can't tell.



Soñador said...

Oh my... this is a very different sort of french song. The video is fun though, but once you look up the lyrics you might just feel violated.

Did you see the kid whose car got wrapped up in plastic wrap? I thought that was a rather amusing prank.

Mariah Irvin said...

I should've looked up the lyrics first. I listen to it all the time and I never knew how raunchy it was.