Thursday, April 16, 2009

Zombification of Laptop, My Former Colleague

I've become entirely convinced that my laptop is out to get me. I'm actually a little nervous about posting this from my laptop, but something has to be done.

Yesterday, my internet wouldn't work. It might as well have made me allergic to chocolate, because that what it felt like.

A few nights ago, it turned it self on. Turned itself on. At two in the morning. TWO IN THE MORNING!!! The loud whirring couldn't be ignored for long, so I had to smack it until it shut up. Well, not really, but that's what I wanted to do. If it happens again I'll just hold up a baseball bat and it'll turn itself off.

I think my computer has a case of the zombie. My crochet ninja could probably take him.

This is the end of the post. Laptop is giving me a look. The if-looks-could-kill look. *Shiver*

If I don't post tomorrow you know what happened to me.

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