Friday, May 29, 2009

Mad Lib Friday: Celebrity Edition

Look! I made myself look like a princess!

Clip Art helped a little...

Anyways, it's time for Mad Lib Friday! What is the theme you ask? Celebrities!

One night I was sitting alone in my tantalizing house sipping a cup of sweat as I read from an old Angelina Jolie. Suddenly, there was a puffy noise coming from the Brad Pitt. The hair on the back of my J Lo stood straight up, and I got cougar bumps all over my body. Then I remembered, this Britney was supposed to be haunted. Someone or something was down in the Tom Cruise. I heard clanking boob jobs, as if a Chris Martin were being dragged across the floor of the James McAvoy. The room suddenly became greasy and cold. A big white botox floated right through the door. I nearly shaved in my pants. Speaking in a push-up voice, the ghost said something I'll never forget if I live to be 20,000, "I've just come from the bathroom, and you're out of Johnny Depp paper."

Wow. Some of those were really unfortunate (but hilarious).

Have a happy Friday!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm Whelmed.

Is it just me or has May gone by quickly? Yes, it technically isn't over yet, but I've just been thinking about it.

I hope summer is long and lazy...with plenty of time to write, of course.

And read.

My TBR list has gotten very tall. Might as well throw some more at me, if you can think of anything.

I'm currently trying to finish a Jane Eyre project. It was going to be a modern-day movie, but alas, nobody wanted to help me with it. New thoughts are in process...

I'll leave you with something funny from Ten Things I Hate About You:

"I know you can be overwhelmed and underwhelmed, but can you ever just be whelmed?"

"Yeah, in Europe."

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Book Review

I'm back (like a heart attack)! Elon was great! It was raining during my entire visit, but the campus was still beautiful. The assistant dean even showed me around the school of communications, which added to the awesomeness which is my college experience.

In other news, I'm still making progress on my book but I keep getting distracted.

This was a pretty awesome distraction:

After finishing my AP European History class, this book was right up my alley. Sovay is a privileged British girl living during the French Revolution, but when her father gets accused of being a traitor her whole life gets flipped on its head.

I loved this book because finally, finally there's a strong female protagonist. She's feisty and adventurous, which surprises her male counterparts. She's beautiful and doesn't know it but not in an annoying "I'm so shy I don't realize my beauty" sort of way. She's too busy helping others to notice, which made me drawn to her character. It's also written in third person, which helps the reader see everybody's motives that drive the plot. Both action and romance were thoroughly developed, which made me happy! If you are a YA reader/writer, or are a historical fiction buff, I definitely recommend this book.

I give this book four exclamation points (!!!!) just because I didn't want it to end! That's on a scale of five, by the way.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Goings on in Mariahville

So I had my senior prom on Saturday night. It was pretty significant for my school because it was the first one held outside the cafeteria. Shock! It was at a yacht club, so it was pretty nice. Pictures of my ridiculously heavy dress and curly hair to come.

I'm traveling to North Carolina today to visit Elon. I'm so excited! I get to meet with the Associate Dean of the journalism department, so naturally I have to be fabulous and witty. Nervous-making!

Oh, another development: Ugly Betty wore my dress! I can't find a picture of it, but it's my absolute favorite dress ever. My parents gave it to me for my birthday and I'm always finding excuses to wear it. On the show Betty dressed it up in her quirky fashion, so it was hard to recognize at first, but when I realized it was mine I was like "my dress is famous!" (And it was on sale!)

No other imminent news at the moment. I'll be back on Wednesday with a full account of Elon.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Keyboard Cat

I'm tired today. Too tired to be witty and mad libby.

Here, I'll let this video do the job for me.

Okay, so it wasn't mad libby, but I still think it's funny.

Go keyboarding cat!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Call me Patrick"

Like I said yesterday, I've actually found a snippet from my book that I can post. I must warn you, this scene is extremely silly.

Piper is getting ready for band practice (she plays the drums) and Simon, her boyfriend, comes to watch. This is mine, so please don't take it.

Remember, anything Piper can hear in other minds is written in italics.

I sat down behind my drums and ran my fingers over the cymbals. “Hello boys.”

“You really do love the drums, don’t you?”

“We’re involved,” I said scandalously.

“I hope your mĂ©nage a trois doesn’t come between us,” Simon sauntered towards me passionately.

“You might have to up your game. We’re more serious than you think,” I asserted.

He sat behind me on my stool and kissed my ear. “How’s that?”

“Mediocre,” I feigned disinterest, although I liked the way his body felt next to mine.

Simon slid his hands slowly down my arms while kissing my neck. I almost laughed at our “Ghost” moment.

“Call me Patrick,” he whispered sensuously, as if he could read my mind.

“Oh, Mr. Swayze,” I fawned over him like an adoring fan. “I just loved you in Dirty Dancing. Can you show me one of your moves?”

“Anything for my biggest fan,” he winked, walking in front of my drums. I gave him a girlish giggle. “And call me Patrick. Mr. Swayze is my father.”

“Okay…Patrick,” I said the name slowly. “Can I give you a beat?”

“I’m nothing without the beat,” Simon, I mean, “Patrick”, spun around.
I started tapping out the beat to “The Time of My Life”. When Simon recognized it, he tried with all his might not to laugh and lose his character.

“Ah, yes. I know this one,” Simon began dancing. His movements were jerky and very un-Swayze, but he was adorable nonetheless.

“Stop,” I begged him through spasms of laughter. “Please, stop. I can’t keep the beat when I’m laughing this hard.”
This only made him dance more passionately. Soon, my sides ached and tears formed in my eyes. Then, I heard the door click. Daisy, Izzy, and Alex stood in the doorway watching our unusual display.

“What the…” I heard daisy laugh. Soon, all of them were laughing with me as Simon swiveled his hips.

“He’s Patrick Swayze,” I struggled to breathe.

“Who wants to be baby?” Simon asked. Izzy raised her hand giddily. Simon sashayed over to her and looked at the rest of us meaningfully. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

We burst into new fits of laughter as Simon led her around the garage floor. Izzy played her role perfectly, becoming Baby as she fluttered her innocent eyelashes. Daisy picked up her guitar and began strumming the tune. Alex decided not to be a part of our “nonsense”, as she put it, but she looked on, smiling.

When the night finally ended and Simon took me home, my friends loved him as much as I did.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

"Actually, it's gravitational physics."

Sara finished my book trailer/fan vid! Click here to watch it.

Go ahead, I'll be waiting here.

Intense, right?

That's who she cast as Simon. Yum.

Hmm...methinks I should post another snippet of my book.

Here's the problem, though: I still haven't heard back from the novel contest yet, so my best writing is still off limits.

Argh! Nothing is good enough to post here!!!

Okay, I've calmed down and considered an alternative: favorite quotes. Now I'll share some of my favorite things characters in my book have said (some funny, some not so funny, and some are my personal inside jokes).

Simon (the boyfriend): "To know you wouldn't let me give in while I was simultaneously deceiving was tough stuff."

"Actually, it's gravitational physics." (in response to "chocolate makes the world go round")

Alex (the best friend): "Seriously, guys. Gag reflex." (when she sees Simon and Piper kissing)

"This is taking forever. I just want to finish my animal crackers."

Piper (MC): "I can't have one of our members vomiting throughout a song! It's just not rock-and-roll!"

"This is important. I wouldn't pass out over something petty. Jeez."

Martin (the dad): "Just eat it! Eat it!" (a la Michael Jackson)

Ooh! I just found an excerpt to post, but now you'll have to wait until tomorrow. The anxiety!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

"Stop!!! Don't Do That!"

That's what I had to stop myself from screaming out loud yesterday.

I was writing my book during last period (we were watching a movie, so I didn't really miss anything, nor was I missed) when something unexpected happened. My MC did something very out of character.

The scene I was writing was close to the conclusion of the book, so things were climaxing and whatnot. I had a pretty good idea what I thought would happen, but I guess that was my first mistake. Things never occur in my book like I expect them to. I'm sure everyone can relate.

Piper totally made a huge mistake. How was I supposed to know that was going to happen? I'm just the writer! Even as I wrote it I didn't really know what I was doing. As the mistake came up, though, I found myself pounding on my desk. It drew curious stares from classmates, but I didn't care. I'm just hoping Piper can make it out alive.

Has that ever happened to you? You're writing, not really paying attention, and then BAM!!! the real plot hits you from out of the blue?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Don't Underestimate Sheep, They're Highly Organized

My sister showed me this video last night. It's very funny.

Sheep are pretty cool. Maybe I could get them to join my army of animals. So far I have rabbits and birds. I think sheep would be the perfect addition.

Saturday was my last track meet ever. I started to feel really sentimental, and then became really agitated that I actually had to run. I got personal records in both my events, though, so that made me feel like I went out strong.

Bye bye track!

Long live random babbling.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Mad Lib Friday

Here it is! Mad Lib Friday!

This week, I went with a theme: what I learned in AP European History. Fun, right? At least I'm putting my knowledge to good use!

"Take a Horoscope Twice Daily"

Every morning millions of Huguenots can't wait to check their horoscopes in their daily dynasty. It is believed that horoscopes can predict the monarchs based on the position of the heavenly executions at the time, date, and Elizabeth I of a person's birth. For example, people born under the sign of Aquarius, the water carrier, are generous Hapsburgs. They will lend you the Ninety-Five Theses off their backs. Be sure to repay them when you promise or your name will be communist. The Pisces female can be subtle, charming and enlightened. She has the ability to wrap a Versailles around her little despot. The Pisces male is a St. Petersburg of many moods. He avoids dealing with divine right and has trouble balancing a check armada.

I like how some of these unintentionally fit in the context. Kind of.

What should my theme be next week? Any thoughts?

Enjoy your Friday!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Day of All Days

It's my birthday!!! Another year has passed. I could probably say something poetic about this, but I really want to get to my post of the day.

Like I promised, here's an excerpt from the book I've been working on, The Not-So Meet Cute. I've said this before, but I'll say it again: this is my work, so please don't use it as your own. If you do, I'll have to send ninjas and men with tire irons after you. Seriously.

Oh, and I appreciate criticism. Tell me the truth, I can handle it (I think)!

Now, which excerpt should I post? Deedle deedle dum...

Aha! Here's something! I'll give you the background first: Piper is the narrator and she is a mind reader (anything in italics is internal thought). Her boyfriend, Simon, is psychic, but he was taken away from her by a secret government agency. In this passage, Piper never directly uses Simon's name; it's always "him", "he", or "his". The two men in this scene are basically inconsequential, but they help show how Piper also gets caught. Click here for the passage that led up to this, if you need to. If anything in this passage needs explanation, please let me know in the comments.

I hope you enjoy this!!! Maybe next time I'll post a kissing scene instead...

I awoke to a loud noise, almost falling off his bed in the process. I didn’t have time to wonder when I fell asleep, because I immediately heard voices…and thoughts, of people I didn’t recognize.

“That was easier than I thought it’d be,” I heard a man’s voice echo from the entrance of the house. I love knocking down doors!”

Rookie,” another, older man thought. “C’mon, Todd, let’s start cataloging.”

Todd, the younger man, started walking towards the kitchen. I tiptoed, back against the wall, down the hallway. Who were those men and what were they doing in his old house?

I heard Todd whistle. “Whoa, what a mess. What are we looking for in here anyways?” His heavy footsteps rocked back and forth on the hardwood floor. Listening closer, I could hear him shuffling through the pictures on the table. It would help if they even told us what we were doing in these people’s houses.”

However, the older man knew exactly what he was doing. We can start in here, I guess, and then move on as necessary.” Sighing, he said, “Alright, kid, take this chart and check these things off if you see them.”

“Fine,” Todd took it from him. I was now halfway down the stairs. I didn’t dare breathe, fearing that the old stairs might creak if I even so much as exhaled.

“How long you been doin’ this, George?” Todd asked his supervisor.

“Hmm?” I could hear George scratching with a pen on his clipboard.

“I mean, you’re pretty experienced, right?”

“Sure, sure,” George coughed. “Just check things off the list.”

“Oh, I am,” Todd assured him. “It’s just, I mean, who are we even working for? The pay’s good, but I don’t want to be involved with anything…” he trailed off, and then whispered, “anything illegal. My girlfriend would kill me. She told me to get a real job, or she’d leave me.”

I was at the bottom of the stairs, but I didn’t have any plans to get out of the house. I decided to stay until I found out what those guys were doing. My cell phone was in my pocket, and I was ready to call the police if I got any more freaked out about the situation. But then again, how could I explain what I was doing in the house?

The men continued through the kitchen, occasionally commenting to each other about something or other. Their thoughts didn’t give away anything that I might’ve found useful. I sat at the bottom of the stairs, biting my lip to stop myself from saying anything. Well, from screaming, actually.

Seems like the organization will hire anyone these days,” George became disgusted with Todd in the living room. They just tell you to do something but never tell you why you’re doing it. I wonder how Leona’s doing these days.” My ears pricked up at Leona’s name, and a shiver ran down my spine. Things have tightened up ever since she became chief.”

Leona? Chief? Of what? My mind swarmed, pulling a cloud of confusion over my eyes. Too late, I noticed the men were moving out of the living room. And heading towards the stairs. I heard their imminent footsteps and quickly decided to ascend the stairs. I leapt gingerly from step to step like a cat, but forgot one thing.

The creaky step gave way under my weight, causing a loud, splintery noise. I glared angrily at it for betraying my presence.

“Did you hear something?” George asked Todd, although his mind had already reached the conclusion that he had.

I bit my lip harder, and continued in vain towards the second level of the house.

“No. It’s an old house. You probably didn’t hear anything,” Todd yawned.

“Oh, but I did,” he growled lustily. I closed his bedroom door behind me, praying that it wouldn’t tattle on me. “Let’s go upstairs now.”

I practically jumped into the closet. Boxes and clothes hangers jabbed into my body. I heard the door to the room open, and saw them survey the landscape in their heads.

“I think the noise came from in here,” George stepped in.

I swore under my breath, heartbeat accelerating and growing louder. I was sure they could hear it, that is, if they hadn’t heard my intense breathing already. They were only feet from the closet.

My legs were cramping but I wouldn’t let myself move them. Not a centimeter. I did, however, lift my hand to brush hair out of my face. My hand ran over something slippery and cold, giving me a feeling of revulsion. It was all I could do not to cry out.

Out of the corner of my eye, I looked down at the foreign object. Although it was dark in the closet, I could tell it was a photograph. I calmed down. Looking closer, I couldn’t make out what it was a picture of. I figured that I had knocked down a box when I climbed hastily into the cramped space.

The dustiness of the closet tickled my nose. The men were still on the other side of the door, which I knew would soon be opened. I wished hard to disappear, to be back in my own room feeling sorry for myself. Why did I go to his old house?

Next, two things happened simultaneously.

George said, “Go ahead and check the closet.”

And I, against my will, sneezed.

“Aha!” George shouted in triumph when he lunged toward the closet door and opened it swiftly.

I sat there, bewildered and wiping my nose, staring straight up at him.

“What do we have here?” Todd looked inquisitively over George’s shoulder.

“That’s a good question,” George bared his teeth.

Suddenly formulating a plan, I stood up quickly. “I should be asking you the same thing.” I pulled out my cell phone. “I’m going to call the police.”

My only escape plan was quickly snatched out of my hands, and I was pulled out of the closet.

“Check the closet, Todd. I’ll take care of her,” George gripped my shoulder tightly.

Psh. Order me around in front of the girl, huh?” Todd began looking through the closet.

I turned my head to the door behind me, which was wide open. Escape route.

George snapped my head back toward him. “Who are you? I have the right to arrest you for breaking and entering.”

“How? Who are you?” I demanded haughtily.

“I’m here under orders of the government, young lady,” he hissed. And dealing with teenage girls is not part of my job description. What are you doing here?”

“I’m watering the plants,” I attempted weakly.

“Look here,” Todd interrupted us. He held a set of pictures. The ones I had knocked over. Three sets of eyes scanned over them.

A boy and a girl. Skiing. Me and him, kissing, smiling, laughing, falling in the snow…

He had hid the pictures of us.

Not very well.

I stomped on George’s foot, eliciting a yelp, and ran for the door. But I was outnumbered, and both men soon had me pinned to the floor.

As I screamed and tried to wriggle free, George pulled something out of his jacket pocket. I couldn’t see what it was, but soon I covered my mouth and nose.

“For special occasions,” was the explanation I heard.

And then everything went black.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

What If...

First off, let me start by saying that everyone should go to this post at Sara's blog and vote for my book so that I can win an awesome book trailer. Thanks bunches!

Okay, here's the actual post.

Has anyone seen "Stranger Than Fiction"?

Whoa, that's a big picture. Anyways, I watched it in my AP Literature class the other day (now that tests are over, woo woo!) and it got me thinking. I've already seen it before, but that was before I was writing a book. Watching this movie for the second time made me wonder what it would be like if my characters were real. It would be crazy!

Every word I typed in my manuscript would effect their lives. If I met them, what would I say? Ha, I would probably be completely starstruck like they were celebrities or something.

I imagine our conversation would go something like this:

Mariah: Oh my gosh! Seriously? You're real? I'm not crazy? Seriously?

Piper: Are those all meant to be rhetorical questions?

M: Uh, yeah, I think so. I can't believe you're actually here!

P: I do have to admit that this is a little weird. Especially because you keep wondering where Simon is.

M: You can read my mind!!! This is exciting! Did you say Simon was here?

P: *Rolls eyes* Authors.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So Many Things To Ramble About

Guess what? My birthday's on Thursday! You know what that means?

Me and all my animal friends are gonna party down!

And I also have a track meet. Poo.

Oh well, it's still gonna be awesome.

Anyways, now that my announcements for the day are over, I think I'll write about the awesome book I'm reading, Sovay, by Celia Rees.

I started reading it last night, but it's already so good!!! Yes, it deserves three exclamation points. I think I'll write a book review to post here once I'm finished, which will probably be later this week since I won't have homework.

Yay for no homework! I can actually read books! And write my book!

Oh, my book...

It's been so neglected lately. But no worries! I've decided to post an excerpt from my story on Thursday. Which is what?

My birthday! See, that wasn't a trick question.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Birds Too?

The weirdness continues in Mariahland.

Hopefully everyone's caught up with the rabbit thing, because I have new animal stalkers.


I was cleaning my room yesterday, listening to music, when a bird came and sat near my window. I'm pretty sure it was a cardinal.

The song "Fergalicious" started playing on my iPod. The bird just sat and stared, listening to me sing. I'm surprised that didn't scare it away.

It stayed there until rock music started playing. So, this has led me to determine that birds like pop music. And my awful singing.

Here's "Fergalicious" mashed with "My Humps" in honor of Frederich (the name I gave the bird).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Hey Hey Hey! It's Mother's Day!

I saw this little video and thought about all the moms out there!

Happy Mother's Day everybody!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Apparently You Can Buy Freedom

Sorry I've been scarce this week, but it's all because of AP exams.

After twelve combined hours of testing, I can now say this:


For the low low cost of $256! Really? Why should I pay for AP tests so that I can get weighted grades? It's pretty much like paying for grades, which is illegal (I think...).

Oh well.

This means I actually have a life now! I can write my book! Watch mind-numbing television! Wear mismatched socks! Okay, so I already do that last thing, but I'm still excited.

Sorry I missed Mad Libs Friday. I promise this upcoming Friday will be two times the awesome.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Rabbits, Assemble!

Okay, I admit it. I've officially gone crazy.

I entered my novel into a writing scholarship this year. If I win, I will have the opportunity to work with editors in New York this summer. I might even get the book published. But here's the thing that's making me crazy: submissions were sent in by March 13. No winner has been announced yet. Every time a phone rings I jump, hoping I might've won. I even refresh my e-mail obsessively.

Just tell us already!!!

Second thing that makes me feel crazy: everywhere I go I see rabbits. I'm not kidding. On Tuesday alone, I saw four unique rabbits. They're following me! I must be their leader.

Should I use this new power for good or evil? "Rabbits, assemble!"

"My rabbit senses are tingling!"

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Leggie Blonde

This is my favorite video right now.

I like Germaine's ukulele. And when he randomly starts singing about thongs.

I think that, for once, I'm lacking things to say. *Gasp* Now the world is going to implode. Save yourself!

Oh, okay, false alarm. Sorry. Didn't mean to scare you.

Monday, May 4, 2009


What's my subject today?

Well, it's about something I use excessively (but not abusively). Also, I gave a hint on Friday, so if you don't remember you will in a millisecond.


Ah, the dot dot dot. How you fill my heart will joy!

It is this particular sentiment that has led me to write an ode to ellipses. Okay, it's just a poem, but ode sounds better. You're probably wondering "What's so great about grammar? Or an ellipsis?" Well, I'm about to tell you.

"Ode to an Ellipsis"

Oh flowery, vague ellipsis,
How you remind me of mitosis.
You begin with a single period
And continue to the myriad.
Sentences are abruptly finished,
Their meanings undiminished.
You trail off randomly
But do so quite buxomly.
Ellipsis, all I ask
Is that you...

Oh no. The poem ended!

Random word usage is so much fun. "Hmm...what rhymes with ellipsis?"

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hooray for May!

Happy May!

I'm lacking good post material on this auspicious occasion. Grr.

Maybe I should just post another Mad Lib. I've been thinking, how does Mad Lib Friday sound?

Ooh, I like official things.

Daffynitons #1

A Ghost
is supposed to be the spirit of a dead iPod. Most ghosts appear as white lanterns floating in the lip gloss. Ghosts are known to haunt glasses.

Gargoyles are carved wheels with hideous faces and ellipses. The most famous gargoyles are on to of the Notre Dame power cord.

A Ghoul, in Asian folklore, is a smoky spirit that clicks graves and feeds on the tips of the dead.

A Goblin is believed to be a sneezy fiend with a misshapen butt. Like all wicked baskets, they delight in scaring the folders out of you.

I didn't plan that misshapen butt thing, but I think it's funny. I guess I'm incredibly immature.

I'm running out of nouns. You guys should leave some for me to use.

I just decided that I'm going to dedicate my next post to ellipses. They rock.