Thursday, May 21, 2009

"Call me Patrick"

Like I said yesterday, I've actually found a snippet from my book that I can post. I must warn you, this scene is extremely silly.

Piper is getting ready for band practice (she plays the drums) and Simon, her boyfriend, comes to watch. This is mine, so please don't take it.

Remember, anything Piper can hear in other minds is written in italics.

I sat down behind my drums and ran my fingers over the cymbals. “Hello boys.”

“You really do love the drums, don’t you?”

“We’re involved,” I said scandalously.

“I hope your ménage a trois doesn’t come between us,” Simon sauntered towards me passionately.

“You might have to up your game. We’re more serious than you think,” I asserted.

He sat behind me on my stool and kissed my ear. “How’s that?”

“Mediocre,” I feigned disinterest, although I liked the way his body felt next to mine.

Simon slid his hands slowly down my arms while kissing my neck. I almost laughed at our “Ghost” moment.

“Call me Patrick,” he whispered sensuously, as if he could read my mind.

“Oh, Mr. Swayze,” I fawned over him like an adoring fan. “I just loved you in Dirty Dancing. Can you show me one of your moves?”

“Anything for my biggest fan,” he winked, walking in front of my drums. I gave him a girlish giggle. “And call me Patrick. Mr. Swayze is my father.”

“Okay…Patrick,” I said the name slowly. “Can I give you a beat?”

“I’m nothing without the beat,” Simon, I mean, “Patrick”, spun around.
I started tapping out the beat to “The Time of My Life”. When Simon recognized it, he tried with all his might not to laugh and lose his character.

“Ah, yes. I know this one,” Simon began dancing. His movements were jerky and very un-Swayze, but he was adorable nonetheless.

“Stop,” I begged him through spasms of laughter. “Please, stop. I can’t keep the beat when I’m laughing this hard.”
This only made him dance more passionately. Soon, my sides ached and tears formed in my eyes. Then, I heard the door click. Daisy, Izzy, and Alex stood in the doorway watching our unusual display.

“What the…” I heard daisy laugh. Soon, all of them were laughing with me as Simon swiveled his hips.

“He’s Patrick Swayze,” I struggled to breathe.

“Who wants to be baby?” Simon asked. Izzy raised her hand giddily. Simon sashayed over to her and looked at the rest of us meaningfully. “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

We burst into new fits of laughter as Simon led her around the garage floor. Izzy played her role perfectly, becoming Baby as she fluttered her innocent eyelashes. Daisy picked up her guitar and began strumming the tune. Alex decided not to be a part of our “nonsense”, as she put it, but she looked on, smiling.

When the night finally ended and Simon took me home, my friends loved him as much as I did.