Monday, June 15, 2009

Book Review #2 and other news

You guessed it! It's time for another YA book review by yours truly. This time I chose Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr.

I chose to read this book because I had seen so many other writers had it in their "favorite books" sidebars. My natural curiosity begged me to finally read it. I'm so glad I did.

Aislinn, the MC, can see faeries, something few mortals are able to do. Tradition says that if faeries find out that a mortal has the Sight they will blind or even kill that mortal, so Aislinn doesn't interact with faeries at all. Until, that is, faeries from the Summer court come looking for her to be their new queen.

This book is written in third person, but I still felt like I could connect to Aislinn's character. She, like most teenagers are, is confused about her place in life, as well as her relationship with her friend, Seth. Ah, Seth. Loved him! Seriously, I need to find me one of him. Fan girl swoon!

Overall, based on my five exclamation points system, I give this book four exclamation points (!!!!) because I felt like the plot was predictable.

Anyways, in other news, Friday will be my 100th post. Hooray! This means...wait for it...


The contest will be announced on Friday, though, so you'll just have to wait. Lemme just say that it's awesome and the prize is dasaloff.



awwaggener said...

Can't wait! And I'll put that book on my list now. I've been meaning to read something by Marr.

Kiersten said...

A) Seth IS yummy.

B) You are going to Italy. I cannot like you anymore. I'm sorry.