Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I'm leaving for Italy on Monday! That's only six days!!!


I plan on taking lots and lots of pictures, some including this little fella:

That's right. It's a crochet ninja. Ultimate dasaloff, courtesy of Carrie Harris.

This little ninja is slightly part of the contest. You see, when I return, I will post pictures of this cute little ninja somewhere in Italy, and contestants will guess where in Italy the ninja is based on its surroundings. The rest of the contest will be announced on Friday, so you'll have to wait to find out what (hopefully) you'll be doing when I'm gone.

In other news, brand-spanking new characters have been making me obsess over them. Sigh. I've already established the MC of my western YA as Jane, but what is the name of her love interest? I don't know! I have, however, narrowed it down to several names I approve of: August, Cooper, or Gabe. Gabe has been high on the list so far, but I think Gabe and Jane sound too similar. Does anybody have any opinions?

Until tomorrow...

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sraasch said...

I like August! Or Cooper -- with Cooper, his nickname could be Coop, and that's adorable.

Contest! Can't wait!!