Friday, June 5, 2009

The Presinator

I was going to post this yesterday, but got distracted by graduation rehearsal and whatnot. Oh yeah, I graduate today! Anyways, I was originally planning Presinator Thursday, so I'll just have to post it now, on Mad Lib Friday.

This is a collaboration between Sonador but I've done some editing on my own. Don't tell!

Here's the first excerpt from "The Presinator". Enjoy!

P.S. This doesn't belong to you, so don't steal it. Thanks :)

"The Presinator"

The effects were everywhere. The population was declining. Natural resources were depleted. Global warming had taken its toll. In the year 2107, only one man was left standing. The man many called the President of the United States. Other knew him as Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Arnold was cowering behind his desk. He gave orders to imaginary advisors, trying to prepare the country for imminent war against bloodthirsty invaders. His most common exclamation was “I want my mommy!” but his mommy was nowhere to be found. She, as well as everyone else, was lost in this apocalyptic world.

The President’s sleepless eyes scoured the room. “What now?” he thought, “What will happen to me?” The once attractive body builder scratched his scruffy, multi-chinned face. His pudgy body now resembled the Pillsbury Doughboy. His diet had begun to waver when he first entered office, but this new world left him horizontally challenged. As his stomach rumbled, he wondered what food supplies were let in the kitchen. Then he remembered: eighty cans of beans, the one food he detested. It was better than toxic sludge though, he thought reluctantly.

What will happen next week? *Gasp*

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