Friday, July 24, 2009

The Curse of the Distance Runner

A couple of days ago I went running on a local trail with a friend (who we will call KT) and we were faced with something horrific.

The Curse of the Distance Runner.

For a distance runner one seemingly simple rule is vital: no matter how far you run, you must always turn back around and run back the way you came (unless it's a circle course, that is).

Anyways, we started the day relatively early, believing it wouldn't be too hot at 9:30.

We were wrong. It felt like someone rolled us in butter and then stuck us in an oven. No, it was a sauna. That's the only way to describe the extreme humidity.

So there we were, buttery and greasy running through a sauna, when we realized we had still had to turn back around. Our cars seemed as distant as China. KT and I were stranded without water and were practically racing against an unnaturally-tan duo of women. Not to mention the overly-buff, sweaty, aggressive man. The odds were against us.

KT and I passed several walkers carrying water bottles. I wanted to jump them.

We even saw some sprinklers. Unfortunately, none of the water got into my mouth. I had to keep running though, squishy socks and all, to reach my car.

It felt like the never-ending trail, similar to Mario's never-ending staircase. If I was a cartoon character, I definitely would have had anger squiggles over my head at that point.

Finally, the cars were reached. I squirted water into my mouth so desperately I could've been a Nike commercial.

Moral of the story? Run in circles.


Sarah said...

I've personally always though distance running (and you know, being headed somewhere while doing said running) is overrated.
But I'm glad you survived! Are you a marathon runner or do you just run for fun?

Mariah Irvin said...

I've always run distance for cross country and track. The longest I've ever run was a half marathon, but I can definitely see a full in the future.