Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rewards System

Now that I've decided to finish my novel by the end of the summer, I've really been focusing on my words per day. This, as you might have guessed, has inspired a rewards system.

You see, the other day I had a giant chocolate bar. I said to myself "Mariah, once you finish this page you can eat some chocolate." Bam. Inspiration.

What do you guys do for inspiration? How do you reward yourselves?

I also let myself watch funny YouTube videos.

Bad words are bleeped out, but still be careful who's around when you watch this!


Sarah said...

Reward systems are great except if you have zero self-control and realize that *technically* you don't have to get what you want as a reward. You can just do it! Nobody will notice!

But on the days I do have some self-control, I usually will reward myself with some TV, a movie, Twizzlers, or just getting some sleep.

awwaggener said...

I reward myself with sleep lol.

I've tried doing food before, but my self control with sweets is not so great, and I often find myself getting horribly distracted until I cave and compromise ("Sure I can have ice cream when I finish this chapter. But I can also have some now!").

Since I often do my best writing at night, I find that telling myself to finish a scene (or, more often, x-number of words) before I get to go to sleep ends up doing wonders for me. It it's really not working, I'll go to sleep anyway, but that doesn't happen to often. And if I know that I'll be exhausted before midnight, then it gives me an extra incentive to get writing done in the afternoon.

This only works for novels, mind you; I've yet to find a successful incentive for short story writing. And now I'm going to go find ice cream. ;)

Pen Pen said...

I'm SO excited ur made a deadline!! THat helps me! -Just be sure u don't keep editing as u go along! I'm guilty of that and I have to force myself to not read over stuff. Keep going even if you notice you've been using an incorrect name for a character or you see that you left out a scene-Finish before you look at ANY sentence twice!!! BEST advice EVER!!! :)

AND- My reward is gummy candy-mainly the gummy frogs-my fav:) I finish a typed page and put on in my mouth and suck on it/chew it till I finish another page.
YAY for candy!! :)

Pen Pen said...

That clip is HILARIOUS!! I forwarded it to my bf!! :)