Monday, July 6, 2009

The Traveler Returns

That's right, I'm back from Italy! It was DASALOFF! It's a good thing I've already created my own word or I wouldn't be able to describe my trip.

Ahhh, it feels so nice to blog again. I definitely missed all my blogger friends! So much, in fact, that I found this little shop when I was in Florence:

Penny Lane is a shop as well as a blog!

Anyways, I know the two people who entered my contest are probably wondering if they won or not, but that will not be announced until Friday, along with my super-amazing drawing. Keep waiting patiently!

But, there is a mini-contest that runs today through Friday. While in Italy, I took obscure pictures of the places I saw. Your job is to be the first person in the comments to properly identify that place and you will be awarded on Friday as well. Alright, here's picture number one (I'll try to make the first one an easy one):

If nobody guesses correctly by tomorrow, I'll leave a hint.

Happy contesting everybody!


sraasch said...

Picture guess: Venice?

Welcome back!!

Sarah said...

Welcome back!

I second the Venice guess. Is it the Grand Canal?

Mariah Irvin said...

You are both amazing! It definitely is the Grand Canal, but Sara Raasch wins because she guessed first!

Pen Pen said...

HOLY CRAP!! This is freaking AWESOME!! I LOVE IT! AND- I'm SOOO flattered that u linked to me on ur blog! *tear* So touched!!
I've never seen a Penny Lane store, but I heard of one in Costa Rica too! Interesting tid bit: My dad told me when I was really little that the Beatles came forward in time and wrote the 'Penny Lane' song about me-then they went back in time and recorded it. I believed him for quite a while...and I believed in time travel(thanks Dad! :)

I love ur Italy pic!!
I actually went on a school tour of Italy in high school, and recognized the shot IMMEDIATELY!! Did u get to go into the palace there with the bridge that prisoners took from the jail next door to the palace to be sentenced?! That palace was INSANE!
It was a cheap tour(as I had little money), but we went to Pisa, Rome, Venice, Capri, Verona, and Milan. AMAZING!! I'd love to see more of ur pics if you have more!! I got some of Venice showing these stickers that were shaped like eyes on the steps of each bridge in Venice-and pic of Rome and Pope John Paul when he was still alive. i also got one of the 'Juliet Balcony' in Verona!
HUGS!!!! :)

Mariah Irvin said...

Yeah, I got to see the Doge's palace and Bridge of Sighs. Incredible!

I definitely have more pictures to ain't seen nothin' yet!