Friday, August 7, 2009

Mad Lib Friday: Lack of Creativity Edition

Guess what? I am currently on my way to Ohio for the weekend! That's right, this is an automatic post. Don't feel bad, though, I still love you all!

Alright. Mad Libs. There isn't a theme this week, mostly because all my creative juices have gone into my book. Sigh.

"Camping Trip"

A group of us were sitting around a raging notebook one night roasting pickles and telling hollow stories when we heard an elated noise coming right from the fire. We jumped and saw a cooperative light floating toward us. It looked like a disembodied cloud, and we had to cover our kidneys because it was so troubled. The weird figure bickered above the flames until the fie went out, leaving us in total thoughtlessness. Then, as quickly as it had arrived, the melodic apparition drifted away and- Encore! and behold- the fire was raging again. In addition, all our wicked food had disappeared. Nobody believed the story when we got home, but we decided that whatever the young thing was, it didn't want us to eat all the lovely marshmallows.

Ah, marshmallows are lovely.

I'll probably be back to my regular posting by Tuesday. Bye!

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Sarah said...

Have fun in Ohio! And marshmallows are lovely :)