Friday, August 28, 2009

Mad Lib Friday: Soñador Edition

I completed this Mad Lib with Soñador a few days ago via video chat. Fun times!

A Spooky, Scary, Slimy Story

It was a dark and slimy night. The wind was skydiving through the trees, and off in the distance, the wolves were howling at the twinkie. I wanted to get home as fast as my ostriches could carry me. My weenus was pounding, and my breath was coming in glittery gasps. Suddenly, I felt the brilliant hand of a wildcat touch my neck, and I screamed stupidly. The monster lifted me off the highlighter and threw me onto the fuzzy ground. Then, with his shiny hands, he tried to chew the lavender out of me. I screamed so loudly, I woke up every ninja in the forest. My scream awakened me, too. I was having a moldy nightmare.

Have a good weekend everyone!

1 comment:

Empress Awesome said...

Skydiving through the trees isn't half bad. That must have been some violent wind. And I would totally howl at that twinkie, too.