Thursday, September 24, 2009


No, it is not National Talk Like a Pirate Day. I'm very upset.


I just won tickets to see Snow Patrol. Live. In the flesh. Sitting right next to them. In an exclusive concert. We would be breathing the same air.


I found out last night and have been depressed ever since.

Why do things like this happen to me?

I guess it's like they say "It's better to have won Snow Patrol tickets and missed the show than to never win the tickets at all."


I think this sucks especially hard because I just finished my book and their music helped me through many a rough patch.

Oh well. I hope everyone is doing better than me.


sraasch said...

WHY CAN'T YOU GO??? There is no excuse!! Friends, family, they will all understand! Get your booty to that concert, lady!

Lisa and Laura said...

That sucks! I hope you're at least missing it for something fun!

Mariah Irvin said...

Sraasch: I can't go because it's tomorrow, it's in Maryland, and I'm in North Carolina.

L&L: I'm not missing it for something fun, I have to go to school!

Carrie Harris said...

I need to get you a teleporter.

Sarah said...

Ugh. I feel your pain.

Are you *sure* you can't skip school and go? Mary-Kate and Ashley totally did it to go see Simple Plan in that movie, New York Minute (that I've, er, never seen).

*hugs* I hope your week drastically improves!

Mariah Irvin said...

Sarah: I totally would, but I don't have any way to get there by 12:30 tomorrow!

sraasch said...

Maryland?? Maybe if you explain the problem to them, they'll move the concert? Or hold one near you? Maybe?

Mariah Irvin said...

I'm totally wishing for that to happen. Cross your fingers for me!

Pen Pen said...

SO not fair!!! My boyfriend won Britney Spears tickets for me from her last tour-but she pulled out RIGHT before the show the tickets were for!! It was when she met K-Fed and "broke" her leg. The radio station gave him movie passes as a replacement-It was depressing!