Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Character on my mind

These lovely actresses are the visual references I have for Jane, an MC from my yet-to-be-written book. Remember her? Yeah, it's been a while.

She keeps popping up in my dreams, creating beautiful scenes I'm desperate to write.

I'm waiting though. I think I can hold out.

Until NaNo.


sraasch said...

I LOVE Zoey Deschanel and Alexis Bledel! Both have really intense eyes.

Sarah said...

Just watched Zoey in (500) days of summer. And I love Alexis Bledel too.

Pen Pen said...

LOVE ALL THESE ladies!!! I've always wanted black hair and blue eyes, but alas-I'm not even close to it! U need to use Katy Perry too!! She and Zooey look like twins!