Thursday, September 3, 2009

Exteme Frustration.

The weather on campus was beautiful yesterday so I went outside prepared to do some writing on my laptop. I'm sooooo close....I thought maybe I could finish it...

One problem.

You know how I said that I sometimes write my scenes out of order? Well, apparently I wrote part of a scene in the wrong place last time I wrote.

I know what you're thinking. "Just copy and paste, Mariah. Duh."

That's not really possible. It's hard to explain, but it just isn't.

And that's why I'm extremely frustrated.

Actually, also because I have to walk through a field of goose poop every day.


Lady Glamis said...

I had to trot through seagull poop on my through campus, so I understand.

I'm not getting your dilemma of putting the scene in a wrong place, but it sounds like something complicated. Ick. Good luck!

Pen Pen said...

I have a hard time picking character names and often switch mid-writing but don't change them all as I should as I go. I soon find a NEW name I feel is better and do it again. It confuses anyone who read the work!

AND- I envy u being in college. I miss it. I'm in grad school now, but it's on-line and NOT the same at all. I always felt SO stressed and thought people just didn't know how hard it REALLY was when I was there-but now I long for it. Promise you'll slack off and party to ur fullest and then blog about it so I can live vicariously thru you!!!