Monday, September 7, 2009


Last night I had the opportunity to attend a film class created solely for freshman. There were about eighty other students there! The program, called FreshTV, will allow me to begin working with technology I'll be using once I graduate as a journalist, and it also exposes me to wonderful opportunities, such as internships.

The director asked us to list our favorites in our prospective fields of study. I'm interested in the writing part of broadcast news, but my mind immediately fell to movies. Great dialogue in movies is the kind of thing I aspire to.

Best movie dialogue ever? It's actually a tie between The Princess Bride and Pride and Prejudice.

When it comes to filming, though, my favorite movie is Marie Antoinette. I love how Sofia Coppola can fill a scene without using words. Absolutely shiver-worthy.

So I leave you today asking this: What's your favorite ____ in your field?

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Pen Pen said...

My fav BOOK is 'The Talisman' a collab with Stephen King and Peter Straub. It not really a horror story-tho many people label all of King's work that. That book almost made me miss a final my Freshman year of college cuz I was in the last few pages and was dying to know what was going to happen.
I LOVED 'Marie Antoinette' too! They actually had Laduree supply many of the French pastries/macarons that were in the movie! I loved the scene where she's lying in the field at night! :)
And 'Pride and Prejudice'-I watch that a lot-I own it, but I also can't make myself change the channel when it comes on tv-which is a lot as of late-It's beautifully done in my opinion, and the script is flawless. AND-My mom and I just LOVE Mr. Darcy! His puppy eyes are SO adorable!