Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I Heart Editing

Since the writer world recognizes Wednesday as "WiP Wednesday" I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about editing.

For me, editing gives me another chance to go back and really think about my writing, become reintroduced to my characters, and make everything more understandable for other readers. When everything is first written down, one thinks "Wow, I'm a pretty amazing writer." That might be true, but nothing's ever finished that quickly (nothing of high quality, anyways).

To be completely honest, I love editing things. Why do you think it took me so long to write my first draft? I kept going back to edit, but that stopped me from finishing. But now I've learned my lesson and I'm able to do what I love most.

I'm pretty excited about sending The Not-So Meet Cute out to betas this week because they will hopefully give me a much needed outside perspective. It'll be nice to finally get outside my own head!

So, do you enjoy editing, or do you loathe it with the intensity of a thousand suns?

Also, should I post an excerpt soon?

Merry Wednesday!


Carrie Harris said...

Good luck with those betas! I'm an obsessive editor myself. If it weren't for editing, I would be a very, very embarrassed writer. ;)

sraasch said...

Yes, excerpt! Always, excerpt!

Sarah said...

Yes, do post an excerpt!

I don't mind editing as long as it has a clear direction. I tend to over-think things so I have to be careful not to get neurotic and lose the voice. But then I have to also make sure I don't get lazy and just not make ANY changes.

Lisa and Laura said...

Yes! Post an excerpt! Can't wait to read!