Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Pictures!

Ta da! I'm finally going to post some photos of my dorm!

You don't have to applaud, but it would be nice.

My bed. Very high off the ground, as you may notice. Also, incredibly awesome posters that I bought this afternoon (Casablanca, Starry Night,and Birth of Venus.

Here you can see my bookcase, microfridge (that's a fridge and and microwave, folks), and my fourth poster of pretty flowers. Yay.

Where's my desk, you wonder? Well, it's a tad messy right now, so maybe I'll show my new workspace some other time.

Now, in totally unrelated news, I made apple art this morning! It started by me playing with my food, and ended up looking like this:

A real artist can use any media!


Davin Malasarn said...

Congrats, Mariah! Big applause. I like your taste in posters!

There was an artist who once made a sculpture our of potatoes. He carved the pieces to look like a long spine, and as the exhibit progressed, the spine slowly turned brown and shriveled. It was quite cool.

Sarah said...

Do you hear it? I'm particularly impressed with the posters and the microfridge. I did not know such a thing existed, but it sounds brilliant!
The surface of my desk is actually visible right now, but given time it will probably disappear too, so I fully understand.

sraasch said...

Oh, pretty dorm room! I love those posters!

Lady Glamis said...


Aimee-Beth said...

I can't get over how high your bed is! Madness!