Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty Much the Best News Ever

First, I'll start off by saying that this is my blog's 150th post.

And now, I want to announce something that makes me very happy.

If you go here, someone will do it for me.


Cupcakes for everybody!

I didn't post the cartoon here because 1) I wasn't feeling very tech savvy, and 2) because you can also see the other work I've done on that site.

It's my way of saying thank you to everyone that's stuck with me and given me great advice ever since I started this blog.


And now, I hope you'll still stick with me as I begin my edits and complain on a daily basis.

But for now, I think I'll go find a cupcake.


sraasch said...

Congrats!! Such a great feeling, isn't it? May edits be short and thrillingly inspiring! And that cartoon was awesome!

Lady Glamis said...

It's truly the best feeling ever! I think it's one of the reasons I write in the first place! Congrats. :)

:] said...

Huzzah for the first draft! I am a mite envious of you as I have neither the patience nor the attention span to write any kind of novel. I am quite happy for you, though! :D

Sarah said...

HURRAH!! Congrats! I cannot wait to read it :))
Also, do I have icing on my mouth?

Mariah Irvin said...

Thanks you guys! Like I said, none of this would have been possible without all your amazing support!

Sarah: I'm excited to read yours too! And no, but it did stain your teeth pink!

Pen Pen said...

AWW!! I'm SOOOO excited for you!! AND- I love the character/author met up!
Send out the queries lady! AND-Be sure to invite me to the book party! :)

Pen Pen said...

Forgot to say- Where those cupcakes from?! One of ems for me...right?! :)

AND- MARIAH!!! Do the NOT have Jamba in the snowy states?! What an injustice!!
It's a fruit smoothie place that is AWESOME!! It's SO fun and colorful! U need to campaign for one near u-you'll get addicted!!!
Here's the site for them if u wanna peep it: