Monday, September 14, 2009

Who's She? She's FIERCE!

Here's a random little pen drawing I did this weekend.

Also I have 1621 words to go. But where to put them?

Oh, and another also: I announced yesterday night, to over eighty people, that I'm writing a book. Scary!

In my freshman introduction to communications program, everyone had to say something about themselves. I wanted to be remembered, so I said "Hi, I'm Mariah Irvin, and I'm writing a book."

Sure enough, my teacher remembered me out of everyone else.


Sarah said...

That is brave! Go you! I need to steal that exact phrase (my name instead of yours though) and repeat it to all my friends.
Love the drawing.

Pen Pen said...

I bet they'd remember u without it, but ur my hero for saying it out loud! A verbal proclamation is a like a public commitment! AND- You FINISHED! YAY!!!
I had a friend who-when asked to name something about himself in a religion class-said, "My name is Andy, I moved here from NY cuz I was addicted to sex, and I don't believe in God." He then POINTED to me next to him and said, "This is Penny, and she hasn't been to church in 5 years." I just turned to him slowly with my mouth open. EVERYONE in the class was obviously very religious-AND we were at a private Baptist University. He thought it was HILARIOUS!
I wanted to hit him and crack up laughing at the same time.

Pen Pen said...

AND- those heart shaped glasses! I LIKE IT!!! :)