Monday, October 5, 2009

No wonder it was so heavy

Last week Penny asked me to take pictures of everything that's in my purse.

Let me just say that now I'm very inspired to organize myself.

The purse at first glance is already a bit frightening.

Here be everything!

From the left: random crumpled papers, video cassette thingy, moleskine, iPod touch, reporter's notebook, tissues, way too much makeup (including purple mascara), pink polka dot wallet, P.S. I Love You Lotion (best ever!), ibuprofen, contact solution, hand sanitizer, candy, breath mints, gum.

Ta da! Oh, and while I was taking pictures, I remembered that I forgot to include a picture of my desk last time I uploaded pictures of my dorm.

Yes, I actually try to get some writing done there.

Anyways, it's Monday, so I think this post is finished.

Oh, wait! Don't leave yet!

I just want to say thanks for all the great feedback on my excerpt on Friday. You guys rock!

Alright, now I'm really finished. You are free to leave!


Sarah said...

It's hard to tell from this angle, but I think we have the same laptop....that *is* a laptop, right?

Anyway, you should embrace your disorganized-purse self. Every girl is entitled to it...oh, fine, I just say that because MY purse has that much stuff X2, and might possibly be smaller. It's unfortunate.

Happy Monday! :)

Mariah Irvin said...

It's a Sony Vaio. And trust me, I usually have waaaaay more stuff in my purse!

sraasch said...

Dude, I have the same tissue packet!

Mariah Irvin said...


Lisa and Laura said...

Just wait until you have to start lugging around huge packs of baby wipes, diapers and snacks that inevitably explode in your purse. I think that if we were stranded on a desert island we could live off the contents of my purse for at least a week. Guess that's the point...

Debbie Downer

Jennifer Shirk said...

Oh, gosh, your purse looks like my purse.
Only I have Band-aids, Rhuli gel, and a calculator, too! LOL