Friday, October 16, 2009

Resident Expert: Johnny Depp

Mariah is very sleepy right now.

Oh, this is Johnny Depp, by the way. As if you didn't already know!

Mariah let me do a guest post today since it's her "Resident Expert" day and she's going home for fall break.

I think she's brilliant for choosing the true expert on Johnny Depp to write this post... me!

So... um... am I supposed to say anything, or do I just post pictures of myself?

What was that? Where you just nodding your head feverishly? Well, I'm not really a vain guy, but alright.

Oh, the things I do for fans.

Is that enough? Okay, okay, one more.

I tip my hat to you all. Have a marvelous Friday.

Sarah, is that you? You look lovely today.


sraasch said...

HA! Awesome. Mmmmm Johnny. Mm mm mm.

Sarah said...

Yes, er, Johnny called me last night to tell me he'd be guest blogging. He was a little nervous about it, being his first time blogging and all that.

PERFECT way to start a Friday. Thank you, Mariah! And thank you, Johnny!

Hayley said...

So good looking...can't look oh so good looking. Thank you Mariah, thank you this is a great ending to my Friday. He's so attractive!

Lisa and Laura said...

Love it!

Anita Saxena said...

Just for posting a ton of Johnny Depp pics- I'm going to follow your blog =)

Mariah Irvin said...

Johnny and I thank you, Anita.