Monday, November 23, 2009

Day 23

It's such a dreary Monday.

That's why I want to follow Sara's example and post a "wippet" from my NaNo novel.

But there's a slight problem: I don't know what to post.

Right now, the story is so entwined; all the characters have different motives, so it's hard for me to pick something out that can stand alone.

This is very upsetting.

I suppose for now I will post when Jane (MC) meets August. It should be relatively easy to follow. All you need to know is that Jane's run away from home, accidentally run into a cowboy/Indian skirmish, broke her arm, and August is the doctor's apprentice that is fixing it up for her.

This is only a first draft, so bear with me. Sorry it's a little long.

August was upset to be splinting an arm when he could be treating “real wounds”, but he remained silent as he pushed Jane’s sleeve up her arm to better assess the damage.

“How’d you break it?” he began a menial conversation to take her focus off of the pain.

“My horse bucked me off,” she cleared her throat, unafraid to speak in her natural voice again.

“What were you doing riding a horse near open gunfire? And in men’s clothes? You can’t be more than fifteen,” his voice was full of judgment.

“I’m almost eighteen,” she locked eyes with him. His hands stopped their inspection. “You probably aren’t even older than me. Are you sure you know how to splint my arm? I could easily do it myself.”

“Oh, you could, could you?” he laughed. “It doesn’t seem like you can even stay on your horse.”

“I could outride you any day, broken arm and all,” she challenged him. Then her voice lowered. “An Indian with a spear was headed toward me when the horse got spooked. I didn’t have a chance to react.”

“Wait a second,” August found a piece of wood and split it on his knee to fit her arm. “You mean to tell me you were attacked by an Indian and lived?

She nodded solemnly. “Look, I don’t want to talk about it. Can you hurry up and splint my arm?”

“As you wish,” he bowed. He peeked up from under his sheet of hair to see her rolling her eyes. They were blue in a way he couldn’t describe. He knew she would be beautiful with a clean face and a nice dress, but she looked wild and it was almost as appealing.

August had her arm splinted in less than five minutes, and she was about to leave before he stopped her.

“Where are you from?”

Once again, her eyes almost rolled out of her head. She turned and walked out of the building. He followed.


Jane pivoted on her heel to face him. He caught himself before he ran into her.

“It’s not worth talking about, okay?” a determined look in her eyes told him she meant business.

“Well, I know you’re not from around here,” he persisted.

“Correct,” she stared at her boots.

“Who are you staying with?”

“Why do you have so many questions?”

He put his hands on his head. “Because I’m training to be a doctor, that’s why. I need to know your medical history.”

“Look, August,” she pronounced his name slowly. “I’m not staying with anybody. I don’t even know where I am right now, okay?”

“If I tell you where we are, will you answer one of my questions?”

“Depends on the question.”

He pretended to scold her with one hand on his hip and the other pointing at her. “That’s not how it works.”

Once more, Jane turned to leave. If she was going to stay in this town, she would have to find something to do, something that would prove she was worthwhile. She walked away from August for a few steps, but then had a thought. Maybe he would help her get a job as a nurse or something. He seemed willing enough.


Lisa said...

Ooh, this is so fun! Nice work nano-ing!

sraasch said...

I <3 August

Jade said...

It's looking great! I still think it's so cool that you're doing a western!
August sounds hot too.

Sarah said...

Ooh, awesome snippet! Jane sounds like a girl who knows how to handle herself. She ran away from home/ is posing as a guy?
Very cool.

Mariah Irvin said...

You guys are awesome!

I'm going to go write right now.

Shannon Messenger said...

Okay, so I'm giving you the Honest Scrap Award (if you want it). If you do, you can collect it here:

inthewritemind said...

I'm loving the chemistry between them already! :)