Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Characters of My Titleless Book

Happy Tuesday during this lovely ICAW!

First, I must show this video, simply because the animation is awesome.

It's about the west, so I suppose it could be considered related to ICAW.

I proclaim it to be so!

Which reminds me, have you entered the title contest yet? Do it!

Or, wait until I tell you some more about my book.

Yeah, that could work, too.

Today, I am going to discuss the main-est of the main characters. I like to call them "The Big Three", then imagine them at Yalta conferences (sorry, my history nerd is showing).

Ready? Let's go!

Jane Hawkes: She's the main character of the book (even though it's written in third person) and she's loosely modeled after Jane Eyre. At seventeen years old, she's hardly known any happiness in her life, so she runs away from her abusive family, hoping she'll find something great. Without giving too much away, I'll say that when she gets into trouble, Jane is pretty fierce. She's doesn't look for help with her problems, she wants to get things done quickly and efficiently. If you didn't already notice, she's extremely stubborn, but also fragile and unsure of herself sometimes. When things don't go the way she plans with her love interest, she gives up on love almost altogether. She's ashamed she even had feelings for the boy in question because she thinks it makes her weak. By the end of the book, though, she realizes how much she wants and needs to be loved because it was what she subconsciously went looking for when she ran away from home. Jane won't admit to all this until she's the independent woman she planned on becoming, however.

August Phoenix: He is Jane's love interest, but neither of them know that at first meeting (which you can read here). He's nineteen and works as a doctor's apprentice for his uncle. August also has a past, but he refuses to reveal it to anybody for fear of shaming his family. He's deeply committed to helping the nearby Indian tribe protect itself from white settlers because of the family it offered him when he felt isolated with his secrets. August is still finding where he fits into the world when Jane comes into his life; after that, the rest is history. There's some male superiority issues he has to overcome first, though.

Isaac Strickland: Ahh, the bad guy. I talked about him a little bit earlier and how I'm in love with his delicious wickedness. To quote myself:

"Strickland is originally introduced as the charming guy that Jane might have to marry. He's easy on the eyes, and Jane's looking for an escape, so she lets herself be smitten. Later, August reveals some information that stains the way she sees him, but the reader still doesn't know what to think about him. Then comes the scenes where he is revealed for the dastardly evil guy he is."

I hope this is helpful for all my little contest participants! Hopefully I will post a excerpt tomorrow and some inspiring music the day after that.



Southern Princess said...

Discovered your blog from Sarah with A Chance... um LOVE IT!!

Your excerpts & descriptions sound great! So excited to discover an awesome blog to follow!

Oh & totally going to read all your entries right now... ;o)

Lady Glamis said...

Awesome video and great excerpt you included earlier! Now I have to think about more titles...hmmm...

sraasch said...

That video was AMAZING. Creepy and intense and so so GOOD. Can I have a book trailer like that? Please?

Hmmm must ponder a title...

Melissa said...

I've got to think a while about a title...I have a hard time coming up with them, too.

Lisa and Laura said...

Ooh, new title idea...Go West Young Jane! Ha!

Hayley said...

Hmm...still no titles yet but have I told you how much I love Augusts name? It's seven different kinds of sexy.

And I so want a book trailer like that, have to work on titles...