Friday, December 4, 2009

Resident Expert: Brad Pitt

Before our weekly drool-fest, a few quick things:

A big thank you and numerous cyber hugs to everybody who supported me during NaNo! I couldn't have done it without you all! I've been blessed to make friends with a lot of you this year, and NaNo exemplified how amazing everyone is! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Also, I swear I haven't abandoned my blog. Things have been crazy hectic this week as finals approach so I've taken a few days off to recuperate from November and prepare for the onslaught. Plus, I've perfectly planned out next Friday to be my 200th post, making all of next week International Cowboy Appreciation Week (ICAW), a la ISPAW*.

I am very, VERY excited for next week because it will feature the big title contest I've been talking about for so long. Yay!

There will be prizes! Excerpts! Music videos! Pictures! And much, much more.

Anywho, here comes the post (finally):


He's his younger self in this picture, but I find it glorious.

This is him now:

I still think he's pretty hawt. Some guys are a "cute" kind of hot when they're younger, and as they age they become a more "mature" and refined hot. Brad Pitt is one of those men.

The first movie I remember seeing him in was "Meet Joe Black".

He was certainly swoon-worthy in this movie, but he was almost too pretty. I mean, I'm all for pretty guys...


...but Brad Pitt needs to be a little rougher looking in my opinion.

Like in this picture, when he was finished with "Legends of the Fall" (great movie, by the way).

And let's not forget "Troy". *shiver*

"Troy" came out on my birthday. I was the happiest girl in the world.

Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Did I mention that he's a great actor? I think I forgot to throw that in there.

Ah, Fridays are my favorites. Have a good weekend, everyone, and see you for ICAW!

*ISPAW sounds cooler than ICAW :(


sraasch said...

ICAW sounds way cool! It's almost like a bird sound.


Yay for cowboys!! Can't wait!

melane said...

I remember drooling over Brad Pitt when I was in high school. Yeah, that was back in his younger days...

Looking forward to ICAW week!

inthewritemind said...

Awesome on the upcoming 200th post! My 200th post will be on Monday--it seems like next week is Super 200th Post Week :)

I'm also having a little giveaway too, but all the details will be there Monday :)

Sarah said...

The controversial Bradley Pitt. We meet again.
Um, sorry. I thought that sounded appropriately Meet Joe Black-ish, which was (ironically) the first movie *I* saw of Brad Pitt as well.

My favorite thing he's acted in, though? That one episode of Friends. You know, back when he was with Jen Aniston and I thought they'd be happy and in love forever and then he did Mr and Mrs Smith and that was the beginning of the end. Which brings us back to...

The controversial Bradley Pitt.

So, um, sorry about this comment. I need to sleep. I can't wait for Cowboy Appreciation Week and your 200th post!! Are you actually done [The Untitled Supercool Western Novel] or did you just reach 50k for NaNo?

Have a great weekend :)

Mariah Irvin said...

sraasch: Um, I guess that's a good thing.

melane: Mmm... Brad Pitt.

inthewritemind: Yay for the 200th post!

Sarah: I was going to mention that Friends episode (I LOVE IT) but the post was getting too long :(

The book is done yet, I just reached 50,000 words. Let's all cross our fingers that it gets finished soon!

Hayley said...

ICAW, can't wait to celebrate it. And Brad Pitt swoon, so beautiful, and in Troy, when his younger cousin died (played by Garrret Hedlund, who by the way is gorgeous and has a skill for fake dying) my heart broke for him. So scrumptious.