Tuesday, January 12, 2010


That's right. I need an intervention.

For overusing the word awesome.

Honestly, type it into the search box and you'll be amazed how many posts prominently feature the word.

Too bad I don't have a banner.

From here on out, the word in question will be replaced with "dasaloff". Wow. I haven't used that word in a while, have I?

Le sigh.

I sound like a crazy person.


Southern Princess said...

Okay I loved you before but now a HIMYM reference video WITH Alyson Hannigan...um... you are the best. (that episode is hilarious)
Okay so yeah the intervention is a great idea but remember that even with an intervention the habit in question can return...just make sure that its legen-... wait for it...-dary!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Awesome post! Oh, wait...I think I need an intervention, too. Seriously, though, I use the word WAY TOO MUCH!

sraasch said...

I love that episode of How I Met Your Mother! That reminds me that I haven't watched this week's episode yet. Sad day.

Jade said...

I feel your pain--I say it WAY too much as well. Maybe when your intervention is done you can send them my way.

Hayley said...

I also say it way too much. We should form a reform group and assit each other in battling this illness of word murder.

Mariah Irvin said...

Southern Princess: I wish I could've posted the whole episode!

Shannon O'Donnell: It's infectious.

sraasch: You have to watch it! Barney sings about suits.

Jade: I'll see what I can do.

Hayley: I'm beginning to think I need to start a group like AA, but call it Awesome Anonymous. Not only are we awesome, but we use the word too much!

Sarah said...

I'm sorry, but the word "awesome" is just that: awesome. I can't stop. You can't make me!
Although, "dasaloff" is pretty awesome too.

Lisa and Laura said...

Oh, how I love HIMYM. We really need to force Sarah W. to start watching.