Friday, January 15, 2010

Resident Expert: Personal Assistant

Hello lovelies! Sarah gave me a smashing idea.

Why am I talking like that? Let me start over.

Hey guys, Sarah gave me a dasaloff idea the other day.

You see, she's hired OrRyanGosling as her personal assistant/intern. It's become clear to me that if I ever want to get an agent or get published, I'm going to have to hire someone to help me with the menial things in my life.

Like cleaning. *shiver*

Now all I have to do is pick an assistant. Lucky for me, I have many candidates to choose from!

And the lucky gents are...

James McAvoy

Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom

Mr. Darcy
Taylor Kitsch
Ben Barnes
Ryan Reynolds
Brad Pitt
Adrian Grenier

Huh. I could've sworn there were more candidates than that.

Now it's up to you! Who should work for "Constantly Risking Absurdity"?

Keep in mind that I don't want any romantic entanglements to get in the way of professionalism, and that who ever you vote for will most likely be shoving memos in your face for a long time to come.

Polls are now open!


Elle Strauss said...

Mr. Darcy, no contest!

inthewritemind said...

Mr. Darcy OR Ben Barnes. I love them both to pieces :)

If you don't decide on Ben, send him my way. Please. :)

Sarah said...

Mr. Darcy's a good one! There are, like, six of him! And he's already happily married to six Elizabeths, so no risk of romantic entanglement. (Read: You can becoming romantically entangled with Ben Barnes or James instead!)

Sarah said...

Oops. *You can "become" romantically entangled....

Melissa said...

I've got to go with Orlando Bloom. Love to look at him:)

Bimbo147 said...

Johney Depp! He is so FINE!

Jonathon Arntson said...

James McAvoy, besides looking hot, he looks smart!

Hayley said...

James, I think he's a good fit.

Kimberly Franklin said...

Definitely Ryan Reynolds, but there would be no way I could promise no romantic entanglements. I encourage them! : )