Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Spoils

Alright. Here it is.

A song about why Sara Raasch is awesome. Sing along!

"Awesome is an adjective
that has been used in different ways.
It is used to describe
eating chocolate bars
and even this song.
You may think I use this word too much
but in all seriousness, I'll tell you,
awesome only needs to be used
when describing Sara Raasch!
Sara without an "H"!
Her favorite color is red
even though her website's pink.
She has an awesome agent
'cuz she writes a lot!
She writes about puppies and pirates
so in the future I suspect
she'll write about penguins
and pottery.

And now the world knows,
that is, if they didn't already."

I hope you weren't laughing at my musical talents.

Oh, and the "penguins and pottery" part is saying that you like to write about things that start with a "P", if that wasn't clear.

Anyways, next up is a poem for the runner-up, Southern Princess:

"Royalty or Not?"

Is Southern Princess really a princess?
My teachers taught me they only exist in fairy tales
and in my wild imaginings
where elephants swam with whales.

"You are a princess,"
my mother would say.
But I simply dismissed it
as silly play.

Now I've grown older
and I know they did exist.
Princesses were as real
as they princes they kissed.

Southern Princess lives in modern day,
a time of questionable deeds,
but I know she is a princess
because of the life she leads.

I'm no Whitman, but I hoped you liked it, Southern Princess!


Elle Strauss said...

Hi Mariah,

I left you a little gift at my blog. :)

Carrie Harris said...

That's so awesome.

Yeah, I overuse that word too.

sraasch said...

Oh. My. God.

My day is now SO much better! Seriously, cannot stop giggling. That was so freakin' cool! And you totally said my last name right! I'm almost in tears, hehe!

I'm so honored to be the recipient of your prize :D :D

Mariah Irvin said...

*whew* I was worried I pronounced it wrong!

You are awesome, if that wasn't already evident. I had fun doing it!

Sarah said...

In one word: awesome!

I totally overuse the word too (and the word "totally" come to think of it), but in this case it applies. Awesome song and poem. Awesome video!

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I bounced over from Elle's blog. I LOVE Southern Princess! :-)

Lisa and Laura said...

Well done! Thanks for making me smile :) Gotta love Sara and Southern Princess.

Hayley said...

This was so awesome! And the poem was great too! So jealous of the winners, but I forgot to enter so thats all my fault *sigh*. Mariah after telling Sara how awesome she is I think I should tell you how awesome you are because I would never have the guts to do that. You're awesome!

Southern Princess said...

I LOVE IT!!! awesome!!! This was a wonderful prize! I received the picture book before I left for my trip and it is beautiful! I am behind on some entries but look for it as a highlight coming soon! ;o)

Thank you again!