Wednesday, February 10, 2010

"Angst" Poetry

I promised on Monday to post some of my writing and joked that I might put up some angsty poetry. Apparently it's what you guys want, so I've decided to appease you! I'm warning you, this stuff is nowhere as amusing as "Friends" clips.

I've put angst in quotations because I'm not sure how angsty this poem is. To me, it feels depressed and pathetic.

Anywho, I wrote this the other day when I discovered I would have to write angst poetry.

I’m not waiting for you to notice me.

You already have.

Far away

I wonder what you think

While I hide behind my words

And sing of blackbirds.

You could be my chance.

You could be my breath.

You could be my words.

This is what I think

Far away

And wondering about you.

Time and space.

A brief flicker

Before dark and doubt.

Skipping sputtering stopping.


I can’t stop

So I go.

But I go alone


I hope that meets expectations. Writing it felt... cathartic.

Also, this is more of a sentence, but I feel like this is the most I've ever said about anything, ever:

When I sneeze,
I hope you are thinking of me.

Don't laugh! It has symbolic meaning and stuff!

I feel all angsted out. Let's all look forward to a happy day tomorrow.


inthewritemind said...

I like it! I'm not good at writing free verse--or any poetry for that matter.

Sometimes writing angsty poetry does feel good :) Although I'm certainly not brave enough to put mine up--poetry is definitely not my calling :P

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

oh, lovely. Very angsty! Nicely done. Loved: "I'm not waiting for you to notice me." Nice hook!

Natalie said...

You are actually quite good at angsty poetry! I like it.

Kat O'Keeffe said...

I admit, I wrote some angsty poetry myself back in high school. And later. Like, a couple months ago. (SHH! Don't tell!)

I really like the free verse, though. Then again, I'm yet to read any rhyming angsty poetry... though now I'm thinking that would be fun to read!

Lisa and Laura said...

I like it! But I do have a special place in my heart for angsty poetry. You have another fan!

Pen Pen said...

Writing is an actual type of therapy we do with these kids I work with! I write poetry too so I can say what I feel I can't get out in normal sentences. Some things just work better when said in metaphors. :)

I loved reading your work! :)