Thursday, February 18, 2010

Assistant Duel

Alright, Sarah, you asked for it...

If you're new to my blog, or you have a short attention span, you should know that I recently hired James McAvoy as a personal assistant. I like to call him McHotVoice, though, for obvious reasons.

Sarah's assistant is Ryan Gosling, a.k.a. OrRyanGosling.

OrRyanGosling and McHotVoice have been circling each other for a while, impatiently waiting to battle it out for the title of "Best Celebrity Assistant". Seriously, you should read the taunting emails I find in my inbox that are meant for McHotVoice.

Well, no more. The assistant duel officially begins..... NOW!!!

McHotVoice can take anyone in a fight.

He looks amazing in a cravat...

...and cravat-less.

All together now... DAY-UM!!!

Also, he's Scottish.

That's, like, 100 extra points.

I only have one thing to say about OrRyanGosling:

What's up with his outfit? He's not even wearing a cravat.

Then there's this little guest post he did over at Sarah's blog... it's just sad, really.

Now, lovely followers, McHotVoice needs some back up if he's going to win this duel. Tell us your favorite things about him, and why he's better than OrRyanGosling!


Jonathon Arntson said...


inthewritemind said...

He's hotter IMO. And, come on, that accent--it makes one melt.

Of course, none of them really have anything on Ben. But that's just my opinion :)

Sarah said...

It's OrRyanGosling, commenting as Sarah because, you know, I have better things to do than blog.

Look, I'm not going to deny that the guy has some things going for him. (And by the guy, I mean McHighVoice). He's alright to look at. He can drive a fast car, sure.

But, as he himself admitted, he sounded a bit like a monkey (or was it chimpanzee?) in that clip. It's funny. Me and the guy are arch-enemies and yet we are both in total agreement about his voice.

And yes, McHighVoice. There's more where that came from. Watch your back.


- OrRyanGosling

Lisa and Laura said...

You girls are freaking hilarious.

Jen said...

LOL... *rolling on the floor with laughter* you guys are too funny!!!! I would have to say that McHotVoice wins this round!!

Wendy Sparrow said...

McHotVoice wins!!!! Plus... he's yummy.

Kimberly Franklin said...

McHotVoice is so dreamy but so is OrRyanGosling. It's so hard to choose between two dreamboats. Can't we all just get along??? ; )

Melissa said...

Just look at those eyes. Nuff said:)

Brigitte said...

Please, I'm going to die of a McAvoy overdose if you keep this up! XD
His expressions are priceless.
And also, he's yummy.

But Ryan is Canadian.
I'd have them both. (:~ How about that!

Jonathon Arntson said...

Your cover is coming along nicely!! But I am not sure if all will be ready this Sunday...I'll keep you posted.