Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Oh Look, It's Wednesday!

It is Wednesday, isn't it? *checks calendar* Indeed it is!

Most writers post WiP snippets on Wednesdays, but I'm in the mood to do things slightly differently. I'm going to post some of my favorite quotes from Jane's Air. There won't be any explanation to go along with them, so interpret them however you want to!

I've done the same thing for my last book, but that was a looooooong time ago.

Anywho, let's get started! I'll be nice and give you the character who says the quote, or who it is about.

August (love interest): "I was a dead man until you finally woke and said my name.”

Defeated, his head dropped and he began to walk away from the intense quiet that ripped at his heart.

Jane (MC): "I didn’t expect anything from you, but I at least thought you would have the backbone to treat me decently."

"I need to be independent. My soul needs it to have any chance of survival after everything that has just happened.”

Strickland (bad guy): “Listen to your father,” he bared his teeth. Jane’s eyes widened. Strickland had finally revealed the evil side of himself.

Gah! I can't find any more right now. Hopefully, this is sufficient for the time being.

Do you guys have any favorite quotes from your characters?


Jonathon Arntson said...

(This is an IM convo)

scottieandrew: Uh…oh! did you get that message from Moxie? those are the boxers I am wearing.

jennabella: yeah i got it. i posted mine too. while i find this whole thing very high school and immature i decided to post for a few reasons. first we are in high school and we are immature.

scottieandrew: What’s immature is your inability to capitalize your I’s and use commas.

jennabella: secoNdly, I juSt Got tHEse Panties from A sTore at the MaLL and i Like thEm very Much. It’s hard to type right and its really hard to type fake so just deal with my i’s this is IMing for hey jude’s sake.

scottieandrew: I’m sorry, I'm crabby. I was lying down for a bit, my mom just told me that she and James are getting married.

jennabella: so wait justin is gonna be your step-bro?

scottieandrew: Uh, yeah. I guess so.

jennabella: well that’s awkward

scottieandrew: What’s awkward about it? It’s not like I didn’t see it coming. My mom has been dating James for a year and when she had me meet his whole family, I had an idea that that’s where things were heading.

jennabella: what’s awkward is that Justin likes you

inthewritemind said...

Yes, I do. I have to go searching for them though. I will be back to post them :)

BTW, I never knew most writers posted snippets from their WiPs on Wednesdays. Where have I been? :P

Kimberly Franklin said...

Great quotes! Thanks for sharing. By the way I see that you are reading "The Luxe". I loved that book, especially Henry! ; )

inthewritemind said...

Ok I found a few. Actually, they are both in the same scene (from Ryuji's POV), separated by a few other parts of dialogue. I'm sure I have better ones somewhere but this is all I can find for now.

Ryuji (love interest): “I will never forget you, Naomi,” he said, taken aback by the ferocity of the pain inside him. “You are…a part of me, forever.”

Naomi (MC): "Only a few months ago, I loathed you with every fiber of my being. I would have never thought I would…” she stopped for a moment, and lowered her voice. “That I would love you with the same passion.”

Christine Danek said...

O.k. I can't think of any right now. I hope to be back later--kids fighting-- so not fun. I did not realize that Wednesday was post snipit day. I posted one without even knowing that. BTW-Thanks for your comment. Makes me smile:)

Mariah Irvin said...

Jon: That's so clever!

Dara: LOVE.

Kimberly: Thanks! "The Luxe" is actually in my already read pile, though! I agree, Henry is pretty cool.

Christine: Don't leave! Gah...

R! said...

Come check out my blog:

Brigitte said...

Ah! Thanks so much for reminding me how important quotes like these are to novels. I better start thinking up of some for mine. :)

I'm starting to like this Jane character!


Christine Danek said...

O.k. I came back. I have to make this short--my kids are getting in trouble again.

I am not going to describe too much just that these are my two MC's getting to know each other...well trying.

Anna: "What about you--you seem to hide behind a wall about your family."

Ian: "Like I said, it would require therapy if I told you."

Anna: "That's it" she throws her hands in the air.


Anna: "Are they really that bad?"

Ian: "Yep."

Anna: "So that's how this relationship is going to go. I pour my life out to you and get nothing in return?"

Ian: " If you mean--return as in my personal detailed resume..then your right...nothing."

o.k. there you have it :)