Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ooh Photos

I want to thank you guys for all the lovely comments you've been leaving this week and apologize that I haven't been around to respond to them, or comment on your blogs as much as I would like to. New classes started this week, and I'm feeling a little stressed. Hopefully things will go back to normal next week.

*Hope Hope Hope*

Anywho, I'm taking a photography class, and I just fell in love with Richard Avedon. He was an amazing photographer, and I can't stop looking at his work. Honestly, I'm about to tape it up all over my wall.

Portraits + Fashion = Bliss!

My mom was a photographer, so I feel like this class is awakening some genetic impulse within me.

We'll see how it goes :)


Jonathon Arntson said...

Next week, you're posting some of your writing. You are.

Lady Glamis said...

Well that's all lovely! Can't wait to see some of your work. :)

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Those are beautiful. I love the originality and action of them. Enjoy your class and be sure to share your masterpieces with us. :-)

Melissa said...

I love those pictures! So elegant!

Good luck with your classes:)

Lisa and Laura said...

OH, those pictures are gorgeous!! You've got to post some of your own work when you're ready!

inthewritemind said...

Pretty! I really like the second one.

As much as I like taking pictures, I unfortunately do not have the talent for it. But when I took photography in college, I loved it anyway.

Do you still get to develop in darkroom at all or is everything digital now? I know it was considered old school when I took it six years ago.

Anissa said...

I love the motion in his work. Beautiful.