Friday, February 12, 2010

Resident Expert: MY Characters

Hooray for Friday! Let's listen to something happy.

I had an epiphany this week, thanks to this post over at Ramblings of a Wannabe Scribe. Shannon is awesome.

Anyways, her blog led me to Rick Riordan's character profile website. Again, awesome. This helped me get right to the core of my characters from Jane's Air.

The question that helped me the most was "What is the most important thing to know about this character?"

I've always thought, "This motivates this character" or "This character is like this because", but I've never actually sat down to write these things out.

For Jane, I realized the most important thing to know about her wasn't what I originally thought it was when I started writing the book. After reading this book, I'd want readers to realize that she wants love desperately, but it also scares her more than anything because it can be taken away from her.

And August...

(yes, I got distracted on MorphThing again)

...has looked for a way to belong somewhere for his whole life, so when he finds Jane, he doesn't want to let her go.

Ahhh, it's soooooo nice to finally be an expert on my characters. I mean, for now anyways.

Have you done this for your characters? What is the most important thing about your character?


Kimberly Franklin said...

Figuring out your characters is not an easy task. I'll have to admit, I'm still trying to figure out mine. But, every time I learn something new about them I'm like... ahhh haa!

Great post! ; )

inthewritemind said...

August is hot! :) Jane's a lucky girl to have someone like him holding on to her.

Anyway, I've tried character profile sheets and they don't always work for me. I fill them out and then as I am working on the story, they end up changing into something that I never would've planned (in a good way).

And that last question--are you sure you want my answer? LOL. It's a bit long but here it is anyway. Since you asked.

Naomi (from The Scarlet Daughter) really desires to be accepted for who she is (being mixed race in a time when such wasn't accepted, she tends to be an outcast). Ryuji, the MMC, can't let go of the past and has a wall around his heart--until Naomi comes along and ignites a fire within him that he never felt before.

For Lady of the Snow , Miyuki's desires change as the book progresses. First, all she wants is to be immortal again and then as time goes on, she embraces her humanity...and then all she wants is to have a family, a desire that's buried deep within her. Her husband, Kazuhiro, wants to be a man that's honorable, wise and just, like his father was. He's very self conscious and overly critical of himself, but Miyuki helps him to see past that.

Anyway, that's a little long-winded (sorry!) but I tend to get that way when talking about my characters. :P

Sarah said...

Occasionally, my characters are totally clear on what's most important to them. Other times, it takes forever to figure it out.

Oh, and btw, I totally see August as Ben Barnes. *sa-woon*

Jonathon Arntson said...

Ri, I curse the day you were born for showing me that morph Pres Obama and Christina funny!

Mariah Irvin said...

Kimberly: Aren't ah-ha moments the best?

inthewritemind: Not long-winded at all! I love hearing about other people's characters.

Sarah: I'm glad you approve. There's a little bit of McHotVoice and Orlando in there too.

Jon: *giggle*

Melissa said...

I've learned to listen to my characters. I did fill out character sketches before I started my story, but some of them have changed quite a bit since then.