Monday, March 8, 2010

In Which McHotVoice Plays Nice

If you haven't heard already, Sarah sold her book, All These Lives, to Margaret Ferguson at Farrar, Straus, and Giroux (Macmillan) in a two book deal! First publishing is in 2012!!! Go congratulate her!

In her honor, McHotVoice, my personal assistant, has decided to make a truce with Sarah's assistant, OrRyanGosling.

Hey Sarah! Congrats! I'll be letting off OrRyanGosling for a while, just for you.

Isn't he sweet?

So, are you gonna dedicate your book to me?

What? Why would she dedicate her book to you, McHotVoice?

Because one of her characters looks like me, remember?

Er... um, sorry James- I mean, McHotVoice, I don't know what you're talking about.

Psh. Of course you do. One of her characters was clearly modeled after me. Ruggedly handsome, debonair charm-

Swoon-worthy voice...

Uh, yeah.

*blushes* I still don't remember her telling me this. If anything, the book will probably be dedicated to Johnny Depp.

But, but...

Quit your whining! Wait, it's actually kinda cute when you pout. Continue.

Nope. I've changed me mind. Let her dedicate it to Johnny Depp. It'll make OrRyanGosling angry!

No! Don't use that photo! Use one with his ugly beard.

Haha! He's a hobo.

*Sigh* Sorry, Sarah, I tried my best.

Congrats again!


Kimberly Franklin said...

Ha-ha... for the record, I think they are both hot! And Congrats to Sarah!

Jonathon Arntson said...


inthewritemind said...

Congrats to Sarah!

And this post makes me laugh :P

Shannon Messenger said...

*dies laughing*

And this is why I love your blog and miss it dearly when I don't have time to drop by.

Another epic masterpiece. And once again, CONGRATS SARAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa said...

Lol, too funny!

And a huge congrats to Sarah!!!

Sarah said...

Haha! How much do I love this post??!

First of all, OrRyanGosling's beard is *so* not ugly. He simply looks rugged and a little unkempt. Like he needs a hug (which I am, of course, always happy to provide. I like to BE THERE for my interns, after all.)

Second, McHighVoice came dangerously close to playing nice, but don't think I missed the hobo comment. I certainly did not. OrRyanGosling will hear of this.

Third, you are so sweet, Mariah! Thank you so much!! *hugs*

Terresa said...

Umm, the James McEvoy pics were killing me. Such eye candy. Did you mention a book somewhere? Or swooning? Yes. Yes.