Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Okay, what I'm about to say may or may not be news to you.

I'm writing a sequel to Jane's Air.

Le gasp!

At the moment, I'm really dreading this decision. So far, I've been doing vague outlining, arguing with my characters, and wondering why I can't move on to another project. I mean, it's not like I have sequelitis. In fact, I have at least two other good ideas that *could* become good books if I wanted to write them.

Jane and August just won't get out of my brain. They keep telling me to write more, always write more. Their story isn't finished yet. It is far from finished. I fear a trilogy. *Shiver* I'm not going to think about that right now.

And thus Jane's Air, the book that was meant to be a stand alone, is going to have a sequel. I'm still revising the first book, but the sequel is sitting there, somewhat impatiently, for me to write it.

*hyperventilates in paper bag*


sraasch said...

Yay sequels! I feel your pain. STREAM PIRATE exploded on me too, but I was lucky enough to force the trilogy back into just a sequel. *whew*

Jonathon Arntson said...

AWESOME! Please, do not pass out.

Stephanie Cheryl said...

Ah, that's so exciting! And please, don't dread the decision. It is a GOOD thing you can't stop thinking about their story. :-)

Good luck!

inthewritemind said...

Well, at least you have something to write if you get sick of the revision process :)

My two books are stand alones, but there is one trilogy that I planned writing way back in my college days (a whopping six years ago). I still haven't forgotten it and hope to someday write it.

Technically I could write two "prequels" to the books I have now, but if I do those will probably never be read by anyone but myself and maybe a few select others.

Sarah said...


There's no way it wasn't going to be a sequel. Do you think you can pull another NaNo and have it done in, like, a week or two?

Oh, fine. You can take longer that. I'll be waiting. :)

Melissa said...

There is nothing wrong with writing a sequel if your characters demand it. Go for it:)

seeyouupside said...

WOOT SEQUELS!!!! Jane's Air sounds so good and August sounds like a hottie. From when I stalked...I mean read your blog before I got a blogspot, the book sounded so good. I know the sequel will be different but probably just as awesome


Hayley said...

Sequels! Yay! You'll be fine, deep breaths and keep that paper bag handy, no worries. You can do it!