Friday, April 9, 2010

Resident Expert: Business Proposition

How long has this Resident Expert thing been going on?


Okay, it all started in October last year. I decided to dedicate a post to James McAvoy after I discovered that he was the reason for most of the traffic on my blog. The next day, I found myself linked on forums about him, and declared myself a Resident Expert on, well, mostly hot guys.

Then, McAvoy became dubbed McHotVoice and he became my personal assistant ('cuz, ya know, I have sooooo much office work). He stops by my blog from time to time-

I would stop by more often if you let me.

Ah, here he is now! How are you doing today, McHotVoice?

Er, good.


Listen, Mariah, the real reason I'm buttin' in on this post is because we've got a situation at the office.

Oh? What situation?

All these blokes are hangin' 'round you! I can't get no bloody work done!

*blushes* I see.

I guess I should explain what he's talking about. You see, after I become a RE on someone, let's say Ben Barnes, they hang around me for a while. Of course, Ben is just an example (he's now my official secret celebrity boyfriend, FYI).

McHotVoice has come to me with an idea. He thinks that to get all these guys out of his hair, I should let you guys use them as your personal assistants. I would let them check in on you, encourage you to meet writing goals and other such things. Dara already has Ben as her encouragement.

get Ben out of here! He's so lovesick!

Shush! Go write a memo or something.

So, sound like a good idea guys? Let me know who you want, and I'll be sure to send them your way!

You didn't tell them!

Oh! I'm so forgetful! McHotVoice just started a Twitter to increase his popularity. If you love him, you should follow him.

But not in a stalker-ish way, please.


inthewritemind said...

You already know who I want :) And just the thought of him encouraging me has already gotten me writing again. :P

Lisa and Laura said...

Just wanted to say you've got seriously good taste in staff. Have a fab weekend!

Kasie West said...

lol I believe being a resident expert on hot guys would look really good on a resume (or a query). :) Let's see, is it just any hot guy I can request or do you only have access to a select group of them? Hugh Jackman is already my boyfriend, but I could use an assistant. I would say, Robert Downey Jr. but I think he might give me too much attitude. He's so snarky these days (love him). So that leaves me with Ian Somerhalder. Those eyes! Swoon.