Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jane's Air

A quick announcement: I think I'm going to go ahead and cancel the 100 followers contest. I said the contest would only happen if I got 100 followers by my birthday (tomorrow) and as of now, I'm only at 86. Sorry to everyone who entered. I'll try to think of another reason to have a contest soon.

Anywho, recently I've been thinking about renaming my WIP, Jane's Air. Sara very generously donated it during my last contest, and I love it for being so clever, but it doesn't fit the story anymore.

You see, originally, Jane's character was very similar to Jane Eyre. As she's become her own person, I've become more afraid of this story being compared to Jane Eyre because it is nowhere near to being Jane Eyre.

So, I realize that most of you are still unfamiliar with my WIP, but how does the title The Quiet Calling sound? Too blah? Not exciting enough? That's my main concern. I do love this title, though, because I can imagine the titles of the two other books in the trilogy.

I'm not going to abandon the title Jane's Air quite yet... I've become too attached to it. Just brainstorming is all.

Also, looky look! I made this a few nights ago. I like to think of it as an alternative trailer:

That was so much fun to make.

Tomorrow is my birthday! Be sure to stop by... there's gonna be a celebration!


inthewritemind said...

I like the new title. :) And anyway, it's OK to change the titles a lot--I think I've changed my current WiP title three times.

Like the trailer too! Those are fun to make.

C. Michael Fontes said...

I like The Quiet Calling, but I like Jane's Air, too. Either way, I hope you are able to keep your title when it sells!

Oh, and happy birthday week. My wife decided long ago that she should have a birthday week, not just a birthday. I am all for it, and I think you should capitalize as well ;)

Hayley said...

Happy early birthday! And I like the new title, it's your book, your title go with your gut!

Sarah said...

Ooh, I like The Quiet Calling! I'm so used to calling it Jane's Air, though. Happy Birthday Eve, madear!