Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poetry from when I was 12

So today is Day 1 of me embarrassing myself by sharing things I wrote when I was younger.

When I started writing in earnest, I was 12 and I thought I was excellent at writing poetry. I wrote three poetry "books" (8 poems per book) on lined paper. And there were illustrations, but I won't be sharing any of those today!

My first collection, entitled Polka-dots, was rather silly. Here's the least embarrassing poem I could find:

Hear those birds singing

On a beautiful calm day?

They are calling you

To go out and play.

Whisper with the trees

They are very wise

Leap with the frogs

As they catch their flies.

Prance with the rabbits

And let them nibble on clover.

Even play with a dog

Named Rover.

It's a beautiful spring day.

Can you feel it?

Too nice outside

To just sit.

The next collection, Nearby, went for a more melodramatic approach:

I went there,

But you never came.

Sat outside in the

Pouring rain.

Waiting for you to come,

But you didn't.

I am so hurt


You don't know

How I feel.

You feel nothing.

This is real.

Oh gawd. 12-year-old self was so lame. "You feel nothing. This is real." Soooooooo cool.

My last collection, Stardust, was inspired by everyday things. I wrote this poem, "Recorder", while my sister tortured my ears:

Oh, instrument, how you screech,

paining your ears and mine.

Always being heard

during quiet times.

Yet how you sound lovely

when you are mastered by your player,

and loved by the audience.

Keeping the beat, tempo, and


as you play over

harmonious voices.

Needless to say, I gave up my dream of being a poet. Tomorrow, I share my first attempt at a novel!


JEM said...

Can I say I love that your 12 year old self assumed recorders also have ears? Awesome.

inthewritemind said...

I must say, those are probably better poems than I could write now at 25 :P I didn't even try writing poetry at 12...

Although I did write a novel. I may have to post an excerpt from it too.

C. Michael Fontes said...

love it!

Mariah Irvin said...

JEM: That's my favorite part, too!

Dara and Chris: You guys are waaaaay too nice!

prashant said...

I may have to post an excerpt from it too.
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