Friday, August 6, 2010

Resident Expert: Oscar Wilde

First, thanks for the welcome back comments on Wednesday. I missed everyone too! I promise I'll be back to visiting everyone's blogs soon.

Also, RaNdOm capitalization has been APPROVED by the masses! All letters are EQUAL on this bLog.

So. Oscar Wilde.

I've been reading The Picture of Dorian Gray for FUNSIES this past week and it's incredible. Seriously. Probably one of my new favorite books.

Why, you ask? It feels so REAL. Wilde writes poetically but realistically in my opinion. He'll describe the setting in some florid paragraph and then characters like Lord Henry and Dorian Gray will speak, say rather horrible things, actually, and it kinda puts everything in its place. If that makes sense. Maybe others that have read it will get what I'm trying to say. I'll probably talk more about this book once I finish it; there's simply too much to cover right now.

Besides Dorian Gray, Wilde was a FASCINATING guy. For reals. He was a poet, artist of sorts, novelist, journalist, and playwright. What COULDN'T the man do?! Mariah has a literary crush, if you couldn't tell. If he was a rock star I would throw him my panties (THERE'S a visual you can pretend you didn't just imagine).

Plus, when I'm reading, I can imagine my CELEB boyfriend, Ben Barnes, as Dorian Gray.

*le drool*

See? Resident Expert Friday is always hawt, even if I'm talkin' 'bout an author.


inthewritemind said...

You know I am always drooling when you post anything with Ben in it.

citibitch said...

I loved this Wilde novel as well. I remember being overwhelmed by the storyline which was so creative and brilliant! Havent read any other Wilde, although I am intending to...

Carrie Harris said...

I ADORE Oscar Wilde. One of the only authors I've ever read that could pull off Dorian Grey and The Importance of Being Earnest.

LOVE, I tell you.

Of course, those pictures help too. :)