Friday, September 24, 2010

Resident Expert: Florence + the Machine

Happy Friday, ya'll! I was considering writing about Speak and Wintergirls by Laurie Halse Anderson, since I just finished reading them this week, but I think they need a little more time to stew in my brain. So let's have something happy!

I can't remember how I became addicted to Florence + the Machine, but I found this song/video a few months ago, and I wanted to BE Florence.* Still do.

I can watch that video over and over and never grow sick of it; it's simple and beautiful. She seems so energetic and passionate... and I TOTALLY dance just like that (Sometimes. Crazy times.)!

Why wasn't I born as a crazy-talented British redheaded singer? The world will never know.

Another fave:

Hear any good music lately?

Have a great weekend, everyone!

* I do know I didn't find her from the "Eat, Pray, Love" or "Eclipse" soundtracks, but I'm glad she's gaining so much popularity!

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