Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I'm thinking that I should make Tuesdays "Poetry Tuesday" from now on. Why? Because they both have "e" as a third letter.

And because my creative writing class has gotten me thinking about it.

Here's a poem I liked from class. It's simple and understandable, but the imagery is beautiful.

"What Makes the Grizzlies Dance"
By Sandra Alcosser

June and finally snowpeas
sweeten the Mission Valley.
High behind the numinous meadows
ladybugs swarm, like huge
lacquered fans from Hong Kong,
like the serrated skirts
of blown poppies,
whole mountains turn red.
And in the blue penstemon
grizzly bears swirl
as they bat snags of color
against their ragged mouths.
Have you never wanted
to spin like that
on hairy, leathered feet,
amid the swelling berries
as you tasted a language
of early summer? Shaping
the lazy operatic vowels,
cracking the hard-shelled
consonants like speckled
insects between your teeth,
have you never wanted
to waltz the hills
like a beast?

So, Poetry Tuesday... yay or nay? I could feature my own poems for critique, even some of yours if your brave enough!


inthewritemind said...

I like the idea! Of course I don't have any poetry to share...on second thought, I have one, but it's pretty amateur, LOL. I'll email it to you.

Misha said...

Oooh I like the idea. I love writing poetry, but I hardly write it anymore. So I'll just appreciate others' efforts.